Sanjay Kapoor says No Entry would be blockbuster even if Boney Kapoor signed him instead of Fardeen Khan | Bollywood

In the world of cinema, Sanjay Kapoor has indeed had his share of highs and lows. Known to be the sibling of notable figures Boney Kapoor and Anil Kapoor, Sanjay has been quite vocal about the hurdles he’s faced in his career. During a candid talk with Shivani Pau for her podcast, Sanjay shed light on a time when his career was not at its peak, and despite this, his brother Boney decided against casting him in ‘No Entry’. (Also read: Fardeen Khan comments on ‘No Entry’ sequel: Simply put, ‘don’t botch it’)

Sanjay Kapoor believes ‘No Entry’ would have been successful with him in place of Fardeen Khan.

Sanjay Suggests Boney Could Have Given Him a Role in ‘No Entry’

The star of ‘Murder Mubarak’ expressed that Boney had the opportunity to cast him in ‘No Entry’ and still sell the movie well, thanks to the presence of Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor. Sanjay stated, “At a time where I was facing a slump in my career, my brother chose not to cast me in ‘No Entry’. He could have opted for me over Fardeen Khan, given the star power already associated with the film. The film would’ve been a success regardless of his decision. The outcome would have been the same, and ‘No Entry’ would have been a blockbuster.”

He also mentioned, “But he chose Fardeen, who was a hotter commodity at that time. It’s been two decades since I’ve been involved in a film produced by my brother. During my struggle with film production and experiencing those lows, it wasn’t a question of love, but rather the nature of the film business.”

Boney Kapoor Clarifies His Remarks About Anil Kapoor

Recently, Boney made waves when he indicated that Anil Kapoor had not been speaking to him because he wasn’t cast in ‘No Entry 2’. However, Boney soon rectified this, maintaining it was a humorous comment taken out of context. Speaking with Pinkvilla, Boney expressed his surprise at the press’s reaction, “I’m amazed that my joke, which was rather poor in taste, was taken so seriously. I said ‘Anil is upset with me’ as a joke. Considering Salman and Anil’s packed schedules, I’m exploring a sequel with a fresher cast. The notion that they’re upset over not being in the sequel is nonsensical and laughable. They don’t need the sequel as much as the sequel would have benefitted from their presence. The comment was purely in jest.”

For ‘No Entry 2’, the line-up includes stars like Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, and Diljit Dosanjh playing pivotal roles.

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