Ratna Pathak Shah admits she was not a ‘good sister’ to Supriya Pathak: ‘I was an emotional bully which is even worse’ | Bollywood

Esteemed actresses and siblings Ratna Pathak Shah and Supriya Pathak have established themselves as distinguished veterans in the movie and television sphere. Ratna recently engaged in a heartfelt conversation with The Male Feminist, where she opened up about being overbearing towards Supriya during their youth. She expressed relief that Supriya has since pardoned her for past actions. (Also see: Anupam Kher refutes Ratna Pathak Shah’s criticism of Indian acting schools as mere “shops”: Does she include NSD in her claim?)

Supriya Pathak and Ratna Pathak Shah captured at a public function.

Ratna’s Revelation

Throughout the conversation, Ratna touched upon the dynamic she shared with Supriya, shedding light on the squabbles of their younger years. She confessed, “Back in our childhood days, Supriya and I had our share of quarrels… I have to come clean about this; I wasn’t the best sister. I have to admit that I truly was a tyrant, yet I’m relieved I got that out of my system back then. Emotional tyranny is a whole other level of cruelty, far more disparaging. The act of physically roughhousing (fighting) seems more transparent and straightforward, but this kind of emotional overbearing is truly despicable. Bowed down with guilt, I regret my behavior. I’ve sought Supriya’s forgiveness, which she has gracefully extended, at least I hope so! Our relationship is harmonious now.”

Confronting Comparisons and Aesthetic Expectations

Ratna also addressed how she coped with being compared to Supriya in their acting careers, remarking, “Personally, I never considered myself attractive. I had insecurities about my teeth and slim lips. My eyes aren’t big, especially when you compare them to Supriya’s large eyes. However, these things seldom troubled me as I aimed to develop myself as a well-rounded individual, rather than just striving to resemble X or Y. The circle of women I associated with didn’t prioritize appearances. We had a multitude of other engaging subjects to discuss. The obsession over appearance, fashion, and personal presentation wasn’t exceedingly pervasive at the time.”

Daughters to the iconic late actor Dina Pathak, both Ratna and Supriya have built significant names for themselves in entertainment. Ratna is the wife of actor Naseeruddin Shah, and Supriya is married to actor Pankaj Kapur. Ratna recently graced screens in the web series ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’, while Supriya made her latest appearance in ‘Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan’.

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