Rapper SlowCheeta | The great disruptor

As the calendar turned to April, the spotlight shone bright on the multi-talented rap artist and thespian SlowCheeta, real name Chaitnya Sharma. The curtains rose on his portrayal of the iconic Indian football star P.K. Banerjee in the sports cinematic piece Maidaan, simultaneously coinciding with the drop of his keenly awaited second EP, Scene Mein Bawaal. A triennial effort came to fruition with these two big releases, though Sharma navigates his dual professions with meticulous separateness, stating, “I prefer not to mix penning tracks with acting stints, nor the other way round. It feels as if I’m not fully loyal to one craft when I divide my attention.” The 33-year-old wordsmith, who enjoys the backing of INCINK Records, a music label helmed in partnership by the celebrated Ranveer Singh, continues to make waves across both entertainment avenues.

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