Preity Zinta has the sweetest note of gratitude for Manisha Koirala, recalls how they bonded during Dil Se | Bollywood

Manisha Koirala has been enveloped in praise for her role as Mallikajaan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest project, ‘Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar’. On her Instagram, she reflected on her intensive work in the series, highlighting the rigorous demands it placed on her as an artist. Reacting to Manisha’s post, Preity Zinta reminisced about the warmth and hospitality she received from Manisha during her first movie, ‘Dil Se’. (Read also: Manisha Koirala navigates depression during ‘Heeramandi’ shoot after cancer battle: ‘I told myself to keep pushing through’)

Preity Zinta and Manisha Koirala in a moment from ‘Dil Se’

Manisha Shares Her Journey

On a Sunday social media post, Manisha Koirala gave insight into her experience on the set of ‘Heeramandi’ and expressed gratitude for her involvement in the series. One particularly challenging moment involved a scene where she had to remain submerged in a fountain for nearly half a day. “The ensuing warmth and pride feel even more poignant when I recall the trepidation and uncertainty that shadowed me at the outset of filming. Battling the aftermath of cancer, I questioned whether my physical form could withstand the grueling schedule, the weight of elaborate costuming, and the demands of a nuanced performance,” she shared.

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“The fountain scene truly tested my limits. Submerged in its waters for over 12 hours was a trial of my resolve. Even though Sanjay had arranged for the water to be warmed and purified, it eventually turned murky as my creative team, the cinematographer, and others waded in for the scene’s setup. My skin was drenched in the turbid water. Overwhelmed with fatigue by the day’s end, I still felt a profound joy within. My body had withstood the stress. I had triumphed over a significant physical challenge. To those who fear their prime is behind them, whether due to age, health, or any other setback—never abandon hope! The future may hold unexpected delights,” she added.

Preity’s Loving Response

Replying to Manisha’s detailed post, Preity Zinta gushed: “You have my wholehearted love, Manisha (red heart emojis). I tuned into the series just for your performance and you were exceptional. Your inimitable talent and even greater kindness have never gone unnoticed. I will always treasure how gracious and giving you were during ‘Dil Se’. You gave me such a positive introduction to the film industry. Not once did I feel overshadowed by a star of your magnitude; rather, you were supportive, always cheerful, accommodating, and open to discussion. You exemplify a true hero in every sense, both onscreen and off. Wishing you unceasing strength and success.”

Preity Zinta made her screen debut with a notable role in ‘Dil Se’, which starred Shah Rukh Khan along with Manisha Koirala. Mani Ratnam directed the 1998 release. Preity’s performance earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

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