Prateik Babbar says Smita Patil was untrained during Manthan: ‘Will never stop striving to be just like her’ | Bollywood

At the celebrated 77th Cannes Film Festival, Prateik Babbar experienced a poignant moment of pride when he attended the screening of his late mother, Smita Patil’s, revered film ‘Manthan’ from 1976. Speaking with India Today, Prateik reminisced about how Smita, despite lacking formal acting training, skillfully performed in the Shyam Benegal masterpiece.

Prateik Babbar opens up about Smita Patil’s inherent acting prowess during the filming of Manthan.

Prateik Reflects on Smita Patil’s Artistic Voyage

Pride radiated from Prateik when discussing the Cannes Classic Section’s premiere of ‘Manthan’. “To be honored at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, 37 years posthumously, reflects a milestone for both Indian cinema and the ‘Manthan’ ensemble. I was deeply moved. Witnessing my mother’s indelible performance at Cannes underscored the impactful legacy she left behind. She stands as a towering figure in the annals of Indian film… she is simply one of the finest,” he declared.

“The audience was spellbound by her profound and nuanced acting. Merely 20 and without formal training, she graced the set of ‘Manthan’. This signifies that acting was her true calling. I am faced with her illustrious legacy, a daunting yet inspiring challenge. I am wholly committed to emulating her artistry. This experience, for me as her progeny, encapsulates the magnitude of her cultural contribution, our family heritage, and my personal quest for excellence,” he added.

‘Manthan’ Takes the Stage at Cannes 2024

The classic film ‘Manthan’ took its place among other celebrated works in the Cannes Classic section of the 2024 festival. The screening was graced by not only Prateik but also luminaries like Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak. Naseeruddin Shah shared with Brut India that attending the festival sparked profound emotion, stating, “I was awestruck to be part of this illustrious event, something far beyond my imaginings. Both my wife and I aimed for simplicity amidst the glamour. It was an emotionally charged experience, recalling friends who were part of the film but are no longer with us.”

‘Manthan’ drew inspiration from the dairy movement led by the decorated Dr. Verghese Kurien. The character portrayed by the late, esteemed Girish Karnad was modeled after Dr. Kurien.

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