PM Narendra Modi congratulates Payal Kapadia on Cannes win: ‘Inspires a new generation of filmmakers’ | Bollywood

The incredible accomplishment of filmmaker Payal Kapadia at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, where she clinched the coveted Grand Prix prize for her masterpiece ‘All We Imagine As Light’, has not only brought glory to India but also captured the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has expressed his admiration, praising Kapadia’s inventive flair and acknowledging her role in motivating a fresh wave of cinematic creators. (Refer to related story: Exploring Payal Kapadia’s Path from FTII Protests to Cannes Grand Prix Triumph)

Director Payal Kapadia secures the illustrious Grand Prix honour at the Cannes Film Festival with her film ‘All We Imagine As Light’.

On the social platform X, Modi extended his heartfelt congratulations to Kapadia, celebrating her success as a source of inspiration for emerging filmmakers.

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Modi Applauds Kapadia’s Achievement

In a commendatory message, Modi deemed Kapadia’s triumph as a historic landmark, stating, “India beams with pride at Payal Kapadia for her momentous achievement at the 77th Cannes Film Festival with her film ‘All We Imagine As Light’.”

As a former FTII scholar, Kapadia’s extraordinary ability continues to garner global recognition, epitomizing India’s vast creative potential. The Grand Prix award not only celebrates her exceptional prowess but also emboldens an entire new cohort of Indian filmmakers with hope and aspiration,” he continued.

‘All We Imagine As Light’, Kapadia’s groundbreaking work, garnered the Grand Prix at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, marking her as the inaugural Indian film director to secure this distinguished award. The piece claimed the festival’s second highest honor, surpassed only by the acclaimed Palme d’Or. Marking a historic moment, her movie became the first Indian entry in three decades, and the first-ever directed by an Indian woman, to enter the festival’s main slate. Kapadia graciously accepted the Grand Prix presented by esteemed American actress Viola Davis.

Kapadia was joined by her cast members Kani Kusruti, Divya Prabha, and Chhaya Kadam at the festival’s concluding awards ceremony. The film stood toe to toe with works from iconic filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola, Paolo Sorrentino, Paul Schrader, and Yorgos Lanthimos.

Insights into the Film

An Indo-French collaborative venture, ‘All We Imagine As Light’ poignantly portrays the journey of Prabha (portrayed by Kani Kusruti), a nurse who unexpectedly reconnects with her long-separated husband. Amidst this, Anu (played by Divya Prabha), her youthful friend and housemate, embarks on a search for a tranquil retreat with her beau. Their quest leads to a shared road trip to a seaside locale, offering a haven for their aspirations and yearnings to unfurl. Following its debut on May 23, the film was lauded with an enthusiastic standing ovation that spanned eight minutes, ranking among the longest ovations at this year’s festival.

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