Natasa Stankovic steps out for lunch with friend, paparazzi ask her about divorce rumours with Hardik Pandya. Watch | Bollywood

Amidst whispers of a breakup with cricket star Hardik Pandya, Serbian model and actress Natasa Stankovic, who exited the Bollywood scene post her marriage, was recently observed in the company of her companion, Aleksander Alex Ilic. The two were spotted making their way to a coffee rendezvous on Saturday. Despite being bombarded with questions by the media regarding the circulating divorce rumors, Natasa chose to stay mum on the matter. (Also read: Reddit users speculate a split between Natasa Stankovic, Hardik Pandya: Name changes, IPL non-appearance, deleted photos, and more)

Natasa Stankovic ventures out with a friend amid speculations of her marital separation from Hardik Pandya.

Natasa pictured with a companion

Dressed in a pristine white outfit, complemented by a vivid pink blouse, Natasa was seen alongside Aleksander as they entered a Mumbai café. She graciously smiled and struck poses for the photographers present. Upon exiting the café later, she was met with a group of paparazzi seeking her comment on the separation rumors, to which she simply responded, “Thank you so much.”

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Intriguingly, Aleksander is rumored to be romantically linked with Disha Patani, and the two are often seen together on numerous dinner outings.

The Buzz Around Divorce

Recent days have seen growing conjecture about the stability of Hardik and Natasa’s union. Discussions began to surface after a Reddit post suggested that Natasa seemed to have removed Hardik’s last name from her Instagram profile. Furthermore, a Reddit user made a claim that the couple’s divorce proceedings had been finalized, proposing that Hardik is set to allocate 70% of his assets to Stankovic as part of the settlement.

Additionally, Natasa’s recent Instagram stories, including one with traffic signs captioned, “Someone is about to get on the streets,” have fueled further speculation. Over the past few months, Natasa has been under scrutiny from cricket enthusiasts, who hold her responsible for Mumbai Indians’ subpar performance in the IPL 2024.

It was on a yacht on January 1, 2024, where Hardik made his romantic proposal to Natasa. They have since become proud parents to their son Agastya Pandya, born on July 30, 2020. Recently, the pair celebrated their love by renewing their marriage vows in a ceremonial affair in Udaipur, Rajasthan, on Valentine’s Day 2023.

No statements have been made by either Natasa or Hardik concerning the alleged divorce. Confirmation from the couple has yet to be released.

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