Matilda at NMACC | Rebel with a cause

Experience enchantment with pirouetting paper aircrafts, cheerful children on swingsets, and a vibrant eight-person ensemble belting out 16 melodic tunes. This whirlwind of delight has descended upon Mumbai’s Grand Theatre at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC), as described by Natalie Gilhome, the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) resident director. She speaks of it as “theatrical sorcery”. ‘Matilda: The Musical’ launched its fortnight spectacle on May 16, offering onlookers a slice of the London West End’s exquisite production values. In an extraordinary logistical feat, Gilhome’s squad has embarked on their journey carrying a dozen containers teeming with elaborate stage designs, props, and a plethora of costumes to bring this dazzling performance to life.

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