Manoj Bajpayee breaks silence on divorces, substance abuse in Bollywood: ‘Few incidents cannot prove…’ | Bollywood

Manoj Bajpayee is presently receiving acclaim for his self-produced movie, Bhaiyya Ji. Throughout his acting journey, he has been involved in multiple genres of films. In a recent conversation with Sushant Sinha on his YouTube channel, Manoj addressed the concerns of substance use and divorces in Bollywood. (Refer also: Manoj Bajpayee mentions he faces difficulty in understanding Christopher Nolan‘s movies: ‘Oppenheimer mujhe zyada samajh nahi aati’)

Manoj Bajpayee recently addressed the issue of substance use in Bollywood.

Manaoh Bajpayee comments on divorces in Bollywood
The Bhaiyya Ji star, when questioned about the subject, expressed, “Firstly, let’s refer to it as the Hindi Film Industry. It is quite a small sector. In this small industry, many individuals seek employment. If anyone is ever caught indulging in wrongful acts in some part of the industry, that doesn’t define anything. My friends, co-stars, and I also belong to the same industry, and I can assure you that 95% of them are extremely passionate, highly dedicated not only to the films they participate in but also to their families and close ones. A few incidents here and there cannot claim the entire industry is like that. Nowadays, if you visit Tees Hazari Court and inquire about the divorce rate, you will recognize where we stand today with relationships and marriages breaking every day. Our society adopted the nuclear family trend, which has its advantages, but the damage caused by this trend is evident in the courts today.”

Manoj Bajpayee says film industry is broad-minded
He continued, “So, is the industry not part of society? People who come from the same society are part of the industry. As people come from the same society, isn’t it obvious the changes in society will reflect in the industry too? In the past, in the same industry, there weren’t as many divorces as there are now. The industry is quite open-minded, which is a positive aspect. Creative individuals need to be broad-minded.”

About Manoj Bajpayee
Manoj commenced his acting career with a television show called Shikast. He subsequently made his Bollywood debut with Shekhar Kapur‘s Bandit Queen and was also part of the well-known TV series Swabhimaan. His performances in Satya, Kaun, Shool, Zubeidaa, Aks, Pinjar, Veer-Zaara, and 1971, earned him critical acclaim. Manoj later balanced between commercial cinema and arthouse films, appearing in titles like Rajneeti, Aarakshan, Chittagong, Gangs of Wasseypur series, Aligarh, Aiyaari, Baaghi 2, Sonchiriya, Gulmohar, and Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai, Joram, and Silence 2. He also starred in OTT series such as The Family Man and Killer Soup. The actor will next feature in Raam Reddy‘s The Fable.

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