Manisha Koirala says she’s made peace with not becoming a mother: It was tough after ovarian cancer | Bollywood

Manisha Koirala may have played a mother in the grey in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s debut show, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar on Netflix India, but the actor said she’s made peace with not becoming a mother in real life. In an interview with NDTV, Manisha said she had to come to terms with that after her battle with ovarian cancer. (Also Read – Manisha Koirala battled depression during Heeramandi shoot impacted by cancer: I just told myself to sail through it)

Manisha Koirala says she’s made peace with not becoming a mother

What Manisha said

“There are, somewhere, unfinished things in my life. As you grow older, you accept your reality. There are so many dreams that you realise are not going to happen, and you make peace with that. Motherhood is one of them. It was tough getting ovarian cancer and not being able to be a mother. But I made peace with that. And I said jo gaya so gaya (what’s gone is in the past), and let me do my best with what I have,” said Manisha.

On not seeking the alternate path of adoption, Manisha said, “I thought a lot about adoption. I realised I get stressed out very quickly, I get anxiety very quickly. So after a lot of debate, I made peace with that. That I’d rather be a godmother. So, I must make do with what I have. What I have is ageing parents, whom I love. I’m the apple of their eye, I’m the centre of their universe, and I’m going to cherish that. In fact, I fly back to Kathmandu (Nepal, hometown) more often now and spend time with them. And I love that.”

Manisha’s cancer battle

Before the release of Heeramandi, Manisha took to her Instagram handle and penned a long note of gratitude. She wrote, “I have a lot to be grateful for in life… a career that saw a lot of high moments, significant roles, best directors, and friendships that have stood the test of time… and it is with God’s grace that I have been given a second life after battling cancer. I have also seen the lowest depths in life and took many wrong turns. Life has been a good teacher with all its highs and lows, and I understand the value of time more intensely now. Yesterday was exhilarating and traumatic, but today is serene and peaceful.”

The actor was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in 2012. She sought treatment in New York and recovered by 2014.

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