Kriti Sanon: ‘I like being a newcomer every once in a while’ | Bollywood

At present, actor Kriti Sanon is actively broadening her scope in the entertainment industry and her personal life. She has embraced a new role as a producer in the film industry, and has inaugurated a new phase of her journey by introducing a skincare line. The actor expresses that she enjoys pursuing her inquisitiveness and is always open to challenges.

Kriti Sanon was last seen in the film, Crew, which performed well at the box office.

The actor, who was recently featured in the movie Crew, which performed admirably at the box office, has a skincare line named Hyphen. In 2024, she steps into the role of a producer with Do Patti. This is the debut project for her production company, Blue Butterfly Films.

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On embracing the new role

Discussing her concept of launching a skincare brand, Kriti stated, “I truly believe that you should hyphenate everything that you aspire to achieve in your life”. She continued, “I think when we are young and asked what we want to become, there is usually an expectation of one answer, whether it’s an actor, teacher, or doctor. Why choose just one? Why not become multiple things?”

And that is the philosophy Kriti has adopted throughout her career, whether in the acting realm, production ventures, or entrepreneurial pursuits. “I enjoy being a novice every once in a while, learning new things; I am a learner, very curious by nature, and that stems from my engineering background. I relish acting and do it passionately every day, but if I feel passionate about something else, I pursue it,” she shared.

The actor also highlighted the importance of remaining open to various opportunities in life and experimenting in all domains, rather than confining oneself to a particular area.

What’s next for Kriti?

She will soon be seen in the movie Do Patti, which also features Kajol. Earlier this month, the actor celebrated a decade in the industry. She made her cinematic debut with Heropanti and went on to star in successful movies such as Bareilly Ki Barfi, Luka Chuppi, and Mimi.

She shared an inspiring video on her social media profile, accompanied by an emotional message. In the video caption, she wrote, “It has been 10 years since my debut in the Hindi Film Industry! The best and most magical decade of my life thus far! ❤️ It feels like just yesterday when I set foot on a film set for the first time and felt ALIVE.. like I was meant to be here.”

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