Konkona Sen Sharma shares childhood memories from the sets of Aparna Sen’s Sati with Shabana Azmi | Bollywood

Renowned actress Konkona Sen Sharma recently indulged in a bout of reminiscence, sharing through her X (formerly known as Twitter) account some endearing childhood images from the set of ‘Sati’, a film directed by her mother Aparna Sen, which starred Shabana Azmi. (Read More: An exclusive chat with Konkona Sen Sharma about the challenges of filming ‘Killer Soup’ and her memorable ad shoot for ‘Wake Up Sid’ with Ranbir Kapoor)

Konkona Sen appeared alongside Shabana Azmi in ‘Sati’.

Young Konkona in ‘Sati’

An enthusiast shared several snapshots of Konkona from the movie on X. In one image, you can spot Shabana Azmi in the backdrop. The fan captioned the images, “Wow, look! It’s a young @konkonas and the fourth image captures a monumental part of cinema history with two incredible talents together.” Konkona, sharing in the excitement, re-posted these images, commenting, “Haha, adore these! Taken during my mom’s film ‘Sati’ with the iconic @AzmiShabana.”

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A young Konkona can be seen in the photos, clad in a pink saree complete with a nose ring, bangles, and earrings. Her hair neatly tied in a bun, she looks utterly charming in these photographs, a sentiment echoed by her admirers. One exclaimed, “Those eyes… And that second picture… it’s like a masterpiece,” while another remarked, “It’s unmistakably you, @konkonas. Without your affirmation, these pictures could easily be mistaken for an AI-generated depiction of your younger self.”

Exploring ‘Sati’

Adapted from a story by Kamal Kumar Majumdar, ‘Sati’ centers on the silent Uma, portrayed by Shabana, who is wed to a banyan tree because her horoscope predicts her real husband would meet an early death. In the setting of 1828, Aparna Sen’s feminist interpretation highlights Uma’s potential confrontation with sati, the burning of a widow on her husband’s pyre, should her human spouse perish. The film featured not only Shabana Azmi and Konkona but also Arun Banerjee.

In a conversation with Times Now the previous year, Shabana Azmi reminisced about collaborating with Konkona, stating “Reena (Aparna) and I have shared a long-standing friendship. I fondly came up with the nickname Koko for her daughter. She acted as my child in Aparna’s ‘Picnic’. Even as a youngster, Konkona exuded remarkable confidence in her acting! She also had a minor role in ‘Sati’ with me. From the beginning, I’ve had no doubt she’d pursue a creative career, nothing less.”

The cinema world awaits Konkona’s appearance in the upcoming ‘Metro… In Dino’, while Shabana will grace the screens in ‘Bun Tikki’.

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