Kiara Advani’s changed accent in new interview from Cannes shocks fans: ‘Does she think she is Kim Kardashian?’ | Bollywood

While adorning a stunning ensemble of pink and black at a Cannes Film Festival side event, Kiara Advani left attendees bemused not only with her style but with something quite unexpected during her media interview at the Red Sea Film Foundation’s Women in Cinema gala dinner. A viral clip online highlighted Kiara’s discourse, marred by an accent unfamiliar to her fans. (Also see: Kiara Advani captivates at Cannes gala dinner in chic pink and black gown)

Did Kiara Advani experiment with an American accent?

Is Kiara sporting a new dialect?

In the surfaced video, Kiara termed her Cannes invitation a ‘very very humbling’ honor, marking her decade in acting. Her fans picked up on how she enunciated words like ‘very’ and ‘at,’ sparking speculation about her purported accent shift.

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The Twitter Reaction

A Twitter user quipped, “Bollywood twt is coming to talk about your accent… RUN, KIARA RUN.” That forecast quickly manifested into reality. Tweets poured in, expressing astonishment at Kiara’s accent. One fan expressed affection but questioned her choice, “I love her, but why the accent?” Another remarked on the beauty of her natural accent, “Her own accent is so much better than this.” Others questioned the necessity of altering one’s natural accent, “Why avoid our Indian accent? It’s not inferior. Don’t destroy it.” Some comments were harsher, with one stating, “Kiara Advani must think she’s Kim Kardashian. Stop with the cringe accent. It doesn’t make you seem cool,” and another urging her to desist from the affected manner of speaking.

Kiara also took part in a Variety-hosted event and joined a panel of female industry influencers to talk about her journey in film.

Kiara’s Cannes Chronicles

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival commenced with the world premiere of Quentin Dupieux’s ‘The Second Act’ starring a famed ensemble cast. In the meantime, Kiara is preparing for her role in ‘Game Changer,’ with Ram Charan, a S. Shankar-directed political action thriller soon to release. Additionally, she’s slated to join Hrithik Roshan in ‘WAR 2,’ part of the YRF spy universe, which will also feature ‘RRR’ star Jr. NTR. Kiara is all set for ‘Don 3’ alongside Ranveer Singh and rumored to share the screen with Yash in ‘Toxic.’

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