Kareena Kapoor in Jaane Jaan to Kriti Sanon in Mili, must watch films from Bollywood on Mother’s Day | Bollywood

Mother’s Day is here, and it is certainly the best time to take a look at the variety of roles in Bollywood in recent years that showcase the undying love mothers nourish towards their children. These characters have remained indelible in the memory of film lovers, thanks to the powerful performances of these actors. (Also read: Richa Chadha reveals she did 99 retakes for a dance sequence in Heeramandi: ‘My worst day was my best day’)

Kareena Kapoor in Jaane Jaan (left), Kriti Sanon in Mimi (right).

Kareena Kapoor in Jaane Jaan

Kareena Kapoor plays the role of Maya D’Souza in Jaane Jaan, a mother who would go to any lengths to secure the safety and well-being of her daughter in this Netflix feature. Maya is shrouded in mystery when the film begins, and slowly comes to her own, when the viewer realizes the trauma and pain that she has endured to give her child a new chance at life. Kareena was captivating in the part and made us root for Maya till the very end.

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Kriti Sanon in Mimi

In Mimi, Kriti Sanon plays the titular rural girl who reluctantly agrees to become a surrogate for an American couple. But things do not go according to plan and Mimi has to decide if she wants to keep the child for herself. Mimi begins to feel ownership towards the unborn child and takes care of the life that slowly takes shape inside her body. Kriti’s beautiful and nuanced work won her the National Award for Best Actress.

Shabana Azmi in Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

Shabana Azmi played the headstrong Jamini, the matriarch of the Bengali household, where Ranveer’s Rocky comes to stay on a mission to see how he gels with them. In one crucial scene, when Chandon Chatterjee (Tota Roychoudhury) is ridiculed for his kathak dance, he reveals how his mother, Jamini, never said no to his passion for dance. She supported his talent and always pushed him to do his best. Jamini is not only a caring parent, but she can also be fierce and pragmatic when it comes to understanding the needs of her children. Shabana plays the character with tremendous grace.

Deepika Padukone in Jawan

Deepika Padukone made an entire nation tear up with her brief but hugely impactful turn in Atlee’s Jawan. Nobody expected Deepika to steal the film in her special cameo appearance as Shah Rukh Khan, aka Azad’s jailed mother, Aishwarya. She knows she has limited time with her son, so she inculcates all the care, values and love into her son from a young age. That love culminates in the song Aaraari Raaro, where her bond with Azad shares a beautiful parallel between Jawan’s story and Lord Krishna’s life.

Deepti Naval in Goldfish

In Goldfish, Deepti Naval delivers a compassionate performance as a woman suffering from dementia. But that is the word she won’t like. Suffer. Sadhana Tripathi will not relent even when her situation worsens, which means her relationship with daughter Anamika Fields (Kalki Koechlin) hits many rough patches. Trauma, resentments, anger and all the unsaid things pent up for years find release in this quietly affecting film on the complex relationship shared between mothers and daughters.

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