Kabir Khan on Kartik Aaryan’s physical transformation for Chandu Champion: He built his body without any substance | Bollywood

Film enthusiasts and social media users alike have been captivated by actor Kartik Aaryan’s impressive physical transformation for his forthcoming movie ‘Chandu Champion.’ Filmmaker Kabir Khan didn’t hold back in his admiration, commending Aaryan for achieving such a remarkable physique entirely free of performance-enhancing drugs or steroids. (Related article: Kartik Aaryan concludes ‘intense’ Chandu Champion shoot, indulges in sweets after a year-long abstention. Watch)

Chandu Champion, directed by Kabir Khan, features Kartik Aaryan in a transformative role.

In preparation for his character in the movie, Kartik slashed his body fat from 39% down to 7% over a period of eighteen months. His arduous journey to achieve the look required quitting sugar and adhering to a stringent dietary plan.

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The Journey to Physical Reformation

During the film’s trailer release in Gwalior, a proud Kabir Khan opened up about the journey, stating, “In this era of gym culture, the abuse of steroids is well-known. Yet, Kartik sculpted his physique in a completely natural manner. The lasting advantage here is that he will maintain this healthy form for life.”

“You can judge by his onscreen appearance what a fit and healthy body should look like. Undertaking such a nearly impossible feat is something Kartik achieved spectacularly. We closely monitored his diet, cutting out all his preferred meals, and were consistently awestruck by his resolve and dedication to the routine,” Kabir revealed.

‘Chandu Champion’ tells the inspirational saga of a sportsman’s grit and tenacity. The narrative draws from the life of Murlikant Petkar, who earned India’s first Paralympic gold medal in swimming. Kartik will portray Murlikant’s stirring journey in the movie.

Collaboration Insights with Kartik

At the same event, Kabir confessed that Kartik was always his first pick for the title role of ‘Chandu Champion.’

“The moment I came across the storyline, it touched me deeply and I felt compelled to bring it to an audience. Kartik, with his endearing youthful appeal and ‘common man’ vibe, was the top contender right away. His agreement to take on the role was a blessing. His unfaltering commitment and the sheer scale of his dedication to embodying the character are truly noteworthy,” he expressed.

With Sajid Nadiadwala sharing production credits with Kabir Khan, the renowned producer, too, could not hide his emotion upon viewing the trailer at the event.

“The movie moved me to tears upon my first viewing, and I still get overwhelmed by the final output. Having been in the film industry for over thirty years, it’s projects like these that fuel our passion. I’m confident that audiences will be captivated by the story and Kartik’s outstanding portrayal,” an emotional Sajid remarked.

Anticipation is high for the film’s theater release on June 14.

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