Jungle Jugalbandi introduces children to the sounds of Hindustani music

Much like Mowgli from The Jungle Book, who uncovers the splendor of the wilderness through his animal companions, Jungle Jugalbandi offers kids lessons in Hindustani music through the tale of a forest and its residents. Released collectively by Ashmi Shah’s Peek-a-Boo, a children’s lifestyle brand, and Kamakshi and Vishala Khurana’s The Sound Space, Jungle Jugalbandi recounts a koyal’s thrilling journey through the forest in search of partners to join her band. The book is enchantingly illustrated by Aayushi Shah to acquaint children globally with raags, taals, and sounds of diverse Hindustani music instruments. Little readers can also scan a QR code to experience the jugalbandi of koyal and her companions. In this digital era, when many children are glued to gadgets, Jungle Jugalbandi aspires to bring them closer to the universe of words, colors, sounds, and Nature.The koyal sings kuhu kuhu creating music as she soars, tirakita dhin the elephant taps on the tabla, and making sounds with something long and rounded is the sitar that the bear strums. The three embark on a mission to find additional musicians for their band. Eventually, a monkey and a tiger join the ensemble. Finally, the five unite for a baithak. This vibrant book is an innovative method of introducing a classical art form to children. It acts as a tool for parents and educators to establish a captivating environment that fuels a child’s curiosity. From the soft pluck of a harp to the echoing melody of a trumpet, these books familiarize children with the spectrum of sounds created by different instruments. Such exposure not only nurtures an appreciation for music but also kindles an interest in learning to play.

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