John Abraham reacts as influencer copies him and his ‘same damn smile’ in video | Bollywood

Bollywood actor John Abraham recently expressed admiration for an Instagram video where digital creator Vansh Gandhi mirrors the actor’s distinct smile and other characteristic gestures. John praised Vansh’s mimicry of his unique style as ‘outstanding’. Also read: Pictures from Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding event shared by John Abraham’s spouse Priya

John Abraham acknowledges an influencer’s mimicry in a video.

Internet Personality Masters John Abraham’s Persona

In a playful video captioned “It’s always the same damn smile…”, Vansh Gandhi emulates what it’s like to be John Abraham. The actor engaged with the video, complimenting Vansh with the remark, “Vansh you are outstanding!!!”

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User Engagements and Comments on the Impression Video

One observer noted the subtle differences saying, “Same, same, but different.” Someone else was reminded of Akshaye Khanna, suggesting, “Raise the eyebrows, and you would get Akshaye Khanna.” A comment read, “He’s more John Abraham than John Abraham himself.”

In a unique exchange, a user mentioned her friend’s admiration for Vansh, “Heyy @vanshgandhii, my friend finds you really cute. Y’all should talk.” The thread also saw an array of John Abraham gifs as responses.

John Abraham’s Gesture Lights Up a Fan’s Special Day

The month saw a touching incident where John went beyond to make his admirer’s birthday special. Not only did he share birthday cake with his fan, but also personally assisted him with a pair of shoes he gifted. The fan, Akshay Kedari, a self-proclaimed ‘John Abraham’s biggest fan’, shared the heartwarming moments on Twitter.

Akshay expressed his gratitude for the Italian riding shoes, valued at over 22000, given to him by John on his birthday. He tweeted: “Thank you so much, sir”.

Fans last saw John Abraham in the blockbuster Pathaan (2023) with Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, and can look forward to seeing him next in the upcoming feature ‘Vedaa’, set for release on July 12 and featuring Sharvari Wagh.

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