Janhvi Kapoor turns stylist; curates all her looks for Mr and Mrs Mahi promotions | Bollywood

For her latest film, ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’, Janhvi Kapoor has taken an extra step in promotions by acting as her own stylist. Delving into the world of fashion, she’s been putting together her promotional looks herself, showcasing her sense of style alongside co-star Rajkummar Rao. (Also read: Janhvi Kapoor finds inspiration in Zendaya for method dressing in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’)

Janhvi Kapoor appears with Rajkummar Rao in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’.

From a cricket-themed attire to sophisticated separates, Janhvi’s recent fashion choices have sparked conversations. The Hindustan Times has learned that these were curated by Kapoor herself.

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Embarking on a Fashion Journey

A source close to the actor revealed that Janhvi is deeply connected to her latest film and wanted to contribute uniquely to the promotions. “Hence, she took the initiative to style herself for these events,” the source informed.

Jaws dropped when Janhvi showcased a ravishing red dress with cricket ball motifs – a nod to the film’s theme. “What people might not realize is that this was Janhvi’s original concept,” the insider disclosed. (Read: Rajkummar Rao highlights Janhvi Kapoor’s cricket-inspired dress to photographers. Watch)

Another appearance had her in a purple top teamed with a monochrome skirt, on which was emblazoned the number 6. When asked about this detail during an event, she playfully responded, “This is the jersey number of my character, Mahi!”

“With Janhvi continuing to be the brains behind her promotional wardrobe, the anticipation is high within the team for what other inventive ideas she’ll bring to her attire,” the source shared.

‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’: A Closer Look

In ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi,’ viewers will find Janhvi portraying a doctor who reignites her passion for cricket with motivation from her husband, played by Rajkummar. Preparing for the role, Kapoor underwent two years of extensive training, even facing injuries such as a dislocated shoulder. (Read: The ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’ trailer shows Rajkummar Rao coaching Janhvi Kapoor in cricket. Watch)

The film’s title honors cricket aficionado Mahendra Singh Dhoni, fondly referred to as Mahi, the revered ex-captain of India’s cricket team. The movie is expected to offer a heartfelt gesture towards Dhoni’s esteemed legacy. Audiences can anticipate the film’s premiere on May 31.

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