Janhvi Kapoor surprises internet with her views on Gandhi, Ambedkar, casteism: ‘Very impressed’. Watch | Bollywood

Bollywood’s new generation actress Janhvi Kapoor has unexpectedly sparked a conversation on political awareness. Sharing her thoughts in an interview with The Lallantop, she spoke candidly about casteism and delved into the differing philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi and BR Ambedkar. (Also Read – Janhvi Kapoor’s panic after an emotional tribute to Sridevi).

Janhvi Kapoor has elicited a strong reaction from the public with her perspectives on Gandhi, Ambedkar, and casteism (PTI)

Janhvi’s Insightful Remarks

In the critical conversation, Janhvi expressed her fascination with historical events. When prompted to choose a historical moment to witness, she cautiously shared her desire to see the intellectual exchange between the nation’s forebear, Mahatma Gandhi, and the architect of the Indian Constitution, BR Ambedkar, particularly on the issue of caste system.

The host’s intrigue peeked, encouraging further dialogue. Janhvi elaborated, “I believe Ambedkar was quite decisive and forthright regarding his position from the outset. Gandhi’s stance seemed to evolve as his experiences with the caste dynamics deepened. Observing social injustices from a distance versus experiencing them firsthand represents a stark disparity.”

Upon further questioning about her educational background and discussions on caste, Janhvi dismissed having such conversations either in her schooling or within her household.

Online Reactions to Janhvi’s Discussion

The online community was generally taken aback yet impressed by Janhvi’s willingness to confront such a nuanced political discourse. A social media user praised, “Unexpected to come across this type of engagement from a mainstream Bollywood celebrity. Kudos to Janhvi Kapoor for her thoughts on Ambedkar, Gandhi, and caste dynamics (applause emoji).” Another individual pointed to Swara Bhasker’s political discourse, leading to a clarification that Swara’s involvement in political discussions is incomparable within Bollywood.

Additional internet voices chimed in, with remarks such as, “Very impressed!” and “So rare to see this depth of understanding,” while others admired the clarity of her thoughts, stating, “Although we may be prejudiced, she has a clear grasp on these matters.” Despite the positive reception, some skepticism remained. Critics asserted that Janhvi’s comments lacked depth, pointing out that the complexities of social reform by pre-independence leaders are common knowledge.

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Janhvi made her mark on the silver screen with her debut in the 2018 film ‘Dhadak,’ met with criticism for its glossing over caste-centric themes present in the original Marathi film ‘Sairat.’ Upcoming projects for Kapoor include roles in ‘Mr & Mrs Mahi,’ ‘Devara: Part 1,’ ‘Ulajh,’ ‘Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari,’ and an untitled feature with Suriya.

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