Janhvi Kapoor admits she is ‘heavily inspired’ by Zendaya to try method dressing for Mr and Mrs Mahi | Bollywood

Janhvi Kapoor looks to Zendaya for inspiration when it comes to her sartorial choices. Unveiling the trailer of her new movie ‘Mr & Mrs Mahi’ recently, Janhvi shared on Instagram that Zendaya’s fashion approach for ‘Dune 2’ and ‘Challengers’ promotional events is influencing her own promotional wardrobe for the film. She also discussed her attempts at method dressing, which involves aligning her personal attire with that of her on-screen character. (Also watch: Mr and Mrs Mahi trailer – Janhvi Kapoor transforms from a doctor to a cricketer under Rajkummar Rao’s guidance.)

Janhvi Kapoor channels Zendaya’s approach to method dressing.

Janhvi’s Revelation

During an “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram, Janhvi was queried by a fan, “Are you emulating Zendaya?” Janhvi confessed, “I’m quite captivated by her [Zendaya’s] ability to thematically align her wardrobe with her film roles during promotions. It’s not just her, even Uorfi [Javed]’s imaginative fashion sense strikes a chord with me. The idea of method dressing, or adopting a fashion style reflective of the roles we play while promoting our movies, is something many actors are encouraged to explore. Until ‘Dhadak,’ I hadn’t embraced this concept, but seeing Zendaya master it, I recognized the importance of our public image and fashion choices. If it helps draw focus to the movie I’m working on, it’s definitely a strategy worth trying.”

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Further Insights

“Zendaya is truly a pathfinder. She has set a benchmark on how to ace this concept. I am undoubtedly inspired by her and just trying to walk in her footsteps,” Janhvi added. Zendaya has recently delivered a series of stunning ensembles at the international promotional circuit for her films ‘Dune 2’ and ‘Challengers’.

In line with her promotion strategy, Janhvi was seen in a jersey featuring the number 6, mirroring her character in ‘Mr & Mrs Mahi’ who dons the same number on her jersey. Additionally, she grabbed attention in a red dress adorned with cricket balls, befitting the cricket-centric theme of the promotion. The trailer reveals her character’s evolution from a medical professional to a trained cricketer in the movie. Directed by Sharan Sharma, the film is set to hit the screens on May 31.

Janhvi is also preparing for upcoming projects, including ‘Ulajh’ and her Telugu cinema entrance with Jr NTR in the action-packed ‘Devara: Part 1’.

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