Jacqueliene Fernandez reveals bad advice she got: ‘Focus on looking good, get a nose job’ | Bollywood

Gracing the Cannes Film Festival, the renowned Jacqueline Fernandez has been making headlines with her stunning appearances. In a personal interview with Brut India, she disclosed her experiences and struggles within the Indian film industry. (Also read: Jacqueline Fernandez dazzles at Cannes 2024 in a sheer ensemble; embraces a new spelling for her name on Instagram)

Jacqueline Fernandez attends the Cannes Film Festival.

Rejecting Destructive Counsel

Sharing the worst counsel she’s ever received, Jacqueline reminisced, “In my early days, I found myself in a conversation with an actor at a gym. I was eagerly sharing my commitment to professional development, from performance classes to diction training. His response took me aback. He simply said, ‘Just worry about looking good. That’s all you need.’ It was then that I realized the superficial focus that can come with the territory of being an actor.”

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Another piece of unsolicited and misguided advice that Jacqueline opened up about was the pressure to conform to certain beauty standards. She confided, “Numerous times, people have suggested alterations to my physical appearance; one such suggestion was to get a nose job. Astonishingly, I never had any qualms about my nose before. Suddenly, these suggestions made me question a part of myself that I initially cherished.”

The Changing Landscape for Actresses

On a positive note, Jacqueline spoke of progress in the industry, especially concerning the treatment of actresses. She recalled an encounter that once filled her with dread: “An actor warned me about the challenges of advancing in age, particularly as I neared 30. His advice was to falsify my age, insisting that roles for women diminish past a certain age. Thankfully, that narrative is changing, and women continue to blaze trails across all age brackets in cinema, a truly encouraging shift.”

Most recently, Jacqueline featured in the smash-hit music video for “Yimmy Yimmy”.

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