Is Kiran Rao’s Laapataa Ladies similar to Ananth Mahadevan’s 1999 film Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol? Here’s what he claims | Bollywood

Shortly after the theatrical release of Kiran Rao’s ‘Laapataa Ladies’, actor-director Ananth Mahadevan has voiced observations of striking resemblances between this recent film and his own 1999 feature ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’. In conversation with Mid-Day, Ananth remarked that the older film has mysteriously vanished from YouTube, where it was previously accessible. (Also Read | Analysis: ‘Laapataa Ladies’ Box Office Impact – Dissecting the Performance of Female-Lead Films)

Ananth Mahadevan discusses similarities between ‘Laapataa Ladies’ and his movie ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’.

Details of Ananth’s Observation on Both Films

Ananth remarked, “The parallels are too striking to be mere coincidence. Having watched ‘Laapataa Ladies’, I noticed the opening sequence and several plot points mirror those in my film. In ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’, a young man returns to his hometown for his nuptials, but a mix-up ensues at the train station, leading him to mistake another veiled bride as his own. This sequence, along with the comedic moment involving a baffled officer trying to identify a woman whose face is obscured by a veil, are scenes directly lifted from my film. In our version, however, it wasn’t an officer but a different character.”

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Plot and Climax of ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’

In ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’, the swapped wives eventually resolve their mix-up, only to discover romantic feelings for each other’s spouses. This intriguing twist leads the paired couples to annul their marriages and remarry their true loves.

Ananth furthers his claim by noting that “the train and station confusion, as well as the veiled photograph, are drawn straight from my film”.

Response from ‘Laapataa Ladies’ Screenwriter to the Allegations

In light of these allegations, Biplab Goswami, the screenwriter for ‘Laapataa Ladies’, shared, “The foundation for this script was penned a decade ago. I can assure you that my storyline, script, dialogue, and character profiles are entirely my own creation. I’ve neither drawn inspiration from any existing works, nor have I seen Ananth Mahadevan ji’s film. I was even recently queried about resemblances to Rabindranath Tagore’s Bengali novel, ‘Noukadubi’… I take pride in my ethical principles and morals as a writer and would not copy someone else’s narrative.”

The Storyline of ‘Laapataa Ladies’

Taking place in 2001 within a quaint village of India, ‘Laapataa Ladies’ follows the tale of two young brides who get unintentionally separated during a train journey, setting in motion a series of events as a determined police officer (portrayed by Ravi Kishan) launches into action to investigate the disappearance. The film is a joint production venture of Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, and Jyoti Deshpande under the banners of Aamir Khan Productions, Kindling Pictures, and Jio Studios. It premiered in movie theaters on March 1 and subsequently made its way onto Netflix India.

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