Internet is stunned by Preity Zinta’s ‘fake accent’ at Cannes Film Festival: She sounds absolutely ridiculous | Bollywood

The famous Bollywood actress Preity Zinta became the center of attention at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, but it wasn’t just her presence that drew eyes. Her manner of speaking created quite a stir as many accused her of putting on an ‘artificial accent’ during her interactions at the event. Several social media users expressed their disbelief and criticized her for what they deemed an inauthentic representation. (Also Read | Preity Zinta makes a dazzling return to Cannes Film Festival after nearly two decades in a shimmering white dress. Watch)

Preity Zinta graced the Cannes Film Festival in a traditional saree.

Preity Impresses in Traditional Attire at Cannes

Highlighting Indian fashion on the global stage, Preity Zinta chose a sparkling pink saree paired with a complementary blouse for the prestigious festival. To complete her look, she picked statement earrings and wore her hair down. During the event, Preity mingled with fans, happily signing autographs and taking selfies. A video showcasing Preity at the glamorous gathering was circulated by Brut India on their Instagram profile.

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Preity’s ‘Constructed Accent’ Surprises Online Commentators

Describing her choice of attire, Preity mentioned to Brut, “I’ve opted for a simple look but gave it a sprinkle of dazzle.” The saree, a creation by designer Seema Gujral, was a hit with attendees. On being asked about her feelings towards attending the event after years, Preity expressed, “It’s incredible. After such a long break, it’s exhilarating to be back. I’m thrilled and delighted to be here.” Her unexpected speech pattern was swiftly noted by those in the digital conversation space.

Online Community Reacts to Preity’s Adopted Speech Style

A baffled social media user questioned, “I’m puzzled. Why do Indians seem to adopt different accents in foreign settings, especially when conversing with locals? It feels rather unauthentic. Can’t they simply be true to their origins?” One person commented, “Please be real when you speak. Why mask your true self with an accent!” On Instagram, one individual remarked, “Her reworked accent caught me off guard. It sounds utterly ludicrous when they choose an accent that is an odd mix of various influences.”

“What has happened to her usual accent? This is a perfect example of the subtle effects of cultural dominance. It pushes people to feel second-rate for using their native accent, just like with others from Zinta to Chopra,” another added. One comment suggested, “Wouldn’t it be refreshing if they could showcase their heritage? Adorning a saree depicts Indian authenticity, but the accent does the opposite.”

Some Supporters Rally Behind Preity

A number of fans came to Preity’s defense. One supporter said, “She has been residing in AMERICA with her AMERICAN spouse for years. It’s unfair to judge her based on her accent. Moreover, she’s addressing an international audience, so it’s crucial for her to communicate effectively.” Another reassured, “Criticizing someone for accentuating Hindi with English intonations might make sense. However, what’s the issue here? Her international marriage could influence her accent. Yet, there is nothing wrong with an Indian speaking English with a Western twang. She’s proudly representing India in Indian attire. Let’s direct our focus towards the positives rather than nitpicking.”

Preity’s Cannes Journey

Prior to her saree appearance, Preity elegantly donned a white gown, wore subtle makeup, and styled her hair in a neat bun. Her presence at Cannes was to present the Pierre Angenieux ExcelLens Cinematography Award, honoring the acclaimed cinematographer Santosh Sivan, with whom she has collaborated on numerous films, including her first movie Dil Se.

Records indicate that Preity made her Cannes debut back in 2006. At that time, she was present for the premieres of The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Paris, Je T’aime. In 2013, she revisited the French Riviera as the face of the prestigious watchmaker Chopard.

Spotlight on Preity’s Upcoming Films

Preity is poised for a comeback to the big screen with the film Lahore 1947, starring alongside Sunny Deol. Directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, the movie is produced under the renowned banner Aamir Khan Productions. The project introduced itself to the public last October, with a cast that includes Shabana Azmi, Ali Fazal, and Karan Deol.

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