Imran Khan breaks silence on his statement being misunderstood as critique for Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal: ‘I would never’ | Bollywood

The eagerly anticipated return of Imran Khan to the Bollywood scene has his admirers buzzing with excitement. In recent times, the actor has shed light on the tougher times he’s faced and his take on the movie industry in a handful of interviews. Clearing the air in a conversation with Zoom TV, Imran has specified that his refusal to star in a spy series has been mistakenly interpreted as negative feedback for Ranbir Kapoor’s film “Animal”. (Read also: Imran Khan discusses his mental wellness, dealing with depression, and his Bollywood resurgence).

Imran Khan offers clarification over his comments being misconstrued as a jab at Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal”.

Imran Asserts His Ethos: No Public Criticism of Films

Refuting any association with “Animal” while explaining his reluctance to glamorize on-screen violence, Imran noted, “The commentary I provided pertained to a part I was considering, not to another artist’s work. It seems people enjoy misdirecting such things. Publicly critiquing someone else’s movie is something I would never do. I find that to be discourteous. It’s how I’ve been brought up—to commend openly and to save any critique for behind closed doors. If you must offer someone constructive feedback, do so privately.”

He also elaborated, “In actuality, what I was explaining was that last year I entered into discussions with Abbas Tyerwala to appear in a series he was developing. Based in the world of spies, this show unfortunately didn’t progress, but our talks were about my engagement in it. The role envisioned for me was that of a secret agent, someone involved in a lot of action scenes. The idea of playing a character that resorted to violence was not appealing to me. The show’s development was eventually halted.”

The Reason Behind Imran Khan’s Rejection of Abbas Tyerwala’s Espionage Drama

In another interview with Film Companion, Imran mentioned his decision to decline Tyerwala’s espionage series, emphasizing his discomfort with playing a character who addresses conflicts through violent means. He critiqued what he sees as a troubling trend: the glamorizing, fetishizing, and sexualizing of violence that doesn’t sit well with him. Since his debut in the 2008 film “Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na,” Imran has been charming Bollywood audiences and was last featured in the 2015 movie “Katti Batti.”

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