HT Exclusive: Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor to celebrate Diwali with Raha in new home | Bollywood

As power couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor eagerly oversee the final touches on their Bandra mansion, the Hindustan Times is thrilled to share the news that the two will soon settle into their dream abode with their daughter Raha. (In another story: Alia Bhatt opens up on coping with ups and downs alongside Ranbir Kapoor: While I ponder, he swiftly moves ahead)

Anticipation mounts for Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor as they prepare to inhabit their new residence.

Presently, the duo along with their little one Raha, reside in a Bandra apartment where Ranbir has been living for several years. Alia joined him there and it became their joint residence as they embarked on cohabitation, which was also the venue for their 2022 nuptials.

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Transition to a New Abode

A source familiar with their plans confided that the star couple is expected to transition into their expansive new bungalow in a matter of months.

“The bungalow’s renovation is nearing completion, with only finishing touches remaining, estimated to conclude in about a month. Once it’s ready for occupancy, Alia and Ranbir are eager to make the move. This step is incredibly meaningful for them,” shares an informed source.

The source further divulged, “They are likely to observe the upcoming Diwali festivities within the walls of their new home with their daughter.”

The Kapoor family zeal for the ongoing project is palpable. They are frequently spotted scrutinizing the construction progress. According to the insider, their personal involvement is significant.

“This bungalow has substantial sentimental value, which could explain their commitment to the construction process. Amidst their hectic lives, both Alia and Ranbir consistently find time to oversee the renovation efforts,” the source remarks, noting that Alia is currently focussed on the home’s interior design elements.

“The couple is excited about beginning a new chapter at this residence with their daughter. The idea of walking into the newly finished home with Raha is foreseen as a treasured moment for the entire family. It’s not just any house but the one where Ranbir spent his childhood days. Now, with great anticipation, they look forward to creating new family memories as they watch Raha grow up in the same place,” shares the source.

Background on the Kapoor Family Bungalow

The reconstruction of the family bungalow, named Krishna Raj in honor of Ranbir’s grandmother, has been proceeding for several years. Its emotional significance to the Kapoor family is undeniable.

The property, originally belonging to Raj Kapoor and Krishna Raj, Ranbir’s grandparents, is understood to have been passed on to Rishi Kapoor and Neetu around 1980. There they raised their own family. The renovation initiative was embarked upon by Rishi and Neetu back in 2016.

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