From Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Nancy Tyagi: 7 Indian divas who showed us how to rock hooded couture

The allure of hooded attire has captivated not only fashion runways but also A-list stars internationally. A shining instance is Nancy Tyagi, influencer and young trendsetter, who dazzled in a sparkling ensemble at her second stroll down the 77th Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Join us on a fashion journey revisiting unforgettable hooded ensembles that India’s leading ladies have effortlessly rocked:

Inspirational Indian celebrities in hooded fashion statements

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

No one can dismiss the unforgettable sight of Priyanka Chopra Jonas in her majestic wine-hued velvet dress, a Ralph Lauren signature piece at the 2018 Met Gala. Her divine appearance was enhanced by the majestic hood, adorned with crimson Swarovski crystals and golden beading.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas at Met Gala 2018
Priyanka Chopra Jonas captivating in hooded glamour at Met Gala 2018

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s appearance at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in a shimmery Sophie Couture hooded gown was a hot topic. Despite mixed reactions to the ensemble’s futuristic aluminum shade, the oversized hood cascading over her sleek hair won unanimous admiration for its bold statement on the global stage.

Uorfi Javed

Fashion maven Uorfi Javed never ceases to amaze with her trailblazing style choices. A case in point: her striking micro-mini green dress for a city event, turning heads with an open back and a hood that tastefully preserved her elegance.

Uorfi Javed in her backless hooded dress
Uorfi Javed’s bold take on the hooded dress code

Nancy Tyagi

Nancy Tyagi’s Cannes 2024 ensemble was a celebration of local craftsmanship and her personal design vision. Gracing a special event, she wore a saree combined with a meticulously designed hood, all of which she imagined and crafted herself, showcasing her remarkable talent.

Mrunal Thakur

Cannes 2023 saw Mrunal Thakur make her grand debut, donning an avant-garde Anamika Khanna number for one of her appearances. The outfit, a blend of modernity with hooded elegance, featured unbalanced hemline nuances and neck warmth akin to a turtleneck’s embrace.

Mallika Sherawat

In 2012, Mallika Sherawat was a vision in her hooded, figure-hugging gown at the Cannes Film Festival. The pastel nude masterpiece was unexpected and avant-garde, signaling her as a forward-thinking style icon.

Mallika Sherawat at Cannes 2012
Mallika Sherawat’s timeless hooded ensemble at Cannes 2012

Giorgia Andriani

This week, Giorgia Andriani turned heads with her provocative birthday attire. She stunned in a golden mini-dress, featuring a lavish hood embellished with sparkling sequins that mirrored her exquisite demeanor.

Which of these iconic hooded looks captivated you the most?

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