Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal might have kept their relationship under wraps for seven long years, but their recent wedding was all over social media with videos of them dancing on Bollywood songs and celebrating with their industry friends going viral on social media.

Sonakshi Sinha will be seen in Kakuda on Zee5

“I feel everyone has attended my wedding,” laughs Sinha, adding, “In fact, Zaheer and I went to Singapore and at the coffee shop, people were sending us congratulatory messages with pastries. Everyone who came to us and spoke to us was like, ‘Oh, we have seen all the videos from your wedding’, and I was like, ‘Yes, everyone has been a part of our big day. It was really sweet.” The newlyweds just went for a “short and quick” honeymoon and even shared glimpses on social media. “Actually, my bestie had a baby five days before the wedding so she couldn’t make it, so we decided to go to Singapore to surprise her and meet her baby and her,” Sinha tells us. It’s been barely two weeks since Sinha married her long-time beau, and she has already dived back into work, promoting her upcoming film, Zee5’s Kakuda. Asked how it feels and how is the feeling sinking in, and she quips, “I am very happy being back at work, I didn’t go anywhere, it feels.” Given that the couple has dated for several years before getting hitched, one wonders if life has changed at all after being married. “It’s great actually and that’s the beauty of it. I was just thinking that nothing much has really changed in my life except that I get to live with my best friend now. And that’s the most fun part,” she smiles, and continues, “Other than that, it’s been normal. That’s what lovely relationships do that they don’t make you change who you are. So yeah, life is great. He’s lovely. I am a lucky girl.” Sharing a fun anecdote from her wedding, Sinha says how there was never a clear demarcation about guests from groom’s and bride’s side. “Zaheer and I were having tu tu main main ki Saqib (Saleem; actor) kaun si side se aayega. Ladke walon ki side se ya meri side se,” she laughs, and adds, “Actually we all have the same friends, hamare dost itne overlapping dost hain ki sab party badal rahe the. Ek din ladki wale the, ek din ladke wale the. Pata nahi ho kya raha tha but we were very happy, we had the perfect wedding.”

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