Esha Gupta reveals she froze her eggs in 2017 ‘when it was really expensive’; talks about surrogacy and IVF | Bollywood

In a revealing conversation with ETimes, well-known actress Esha Gupta talked about taking control over her reproductive choices by opting to freeze her eggs. She also delved into topics such as romance, tying the knot, and the prospect of having children with her beau, Spanish businessman Manuel Campos Guallar. Also read: Priyanka Chopra narrates her experience with egg freezing during ‘Quantico’, details month-long injection process

2017 was the year when Esha Gupta chose to preserve her eggs while she was still single.

Proactive Decision-Making

“I went ahead with egg freezing in 2017, which was prior to meeting Manuel. It was a wise decision on my part. It had been about three and a half years of being single before I crossed paths with Manuel (in 2019). Our meeting was serendipitous, in a place neither in his homeland nor mine. From the onset, we both were certain that we were entering into a committed relationship rather than just dating. Gone are the days for casual dates. We share a mutual understanding that our relationship would eventually lead to marriage. We are both keen on tying the knot and starting a family. I have a great fondness for children, which Manuel is well aware of. He is not only ready to embrace fatherhood but is also open to surrogacy, which can be a sensitive topic for some. He’s even amenable to the idea of adoption, something we’ve contemplated together. Hence, I’m not overly anxious about our future marriage… I often muse about our future child, wishing for it to have his eyes blended with my complexion. My desire to marry him is strongly fueled by the dream of parenthood,” Esha explained.

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Children on the Mind

“The choice to freeze my eggs came during a time when the procedure was a costly affair in India. However, my health and future were my driving concerns. These eggs represent my potential children, and I preferred preserving them while I was in optimum health. If I weren’t in the acting profession, I believe I would have already been a mother to three children by now. I’ve always had a strong maternal instinct,” the actor shared. “Compatibility in our views on surrogacy is something that sets Manuel apart; he’s even in agreement with adoption, which we’ve considered seriously. So, I’m at ease about the idea of marriage… To Manuel, I’ve often expressed my wishes for our child to inherit his eyes coupled with my skin tone. My yearning to marry him is deeply intertwined with my aspiration to become a mother…”

A close relative was the one who recommended Esha, who rose to fame with her first film ‘Jannat 2’ in 2012, to freeze her eggs while she was in her prime of health. Esha revealed that when they marry, she and Manuel plan to have kids via ‘IVF or surrogacy, depending on the timing of their marriage and the state of her health at that time’. They have been in a relationship for nearly five years now.

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