Did Priyanka Chopra delete Mother’s Day post featuring an unknown child? Reddit users ask who was the girl | Bollywood

Confusion ensued among fans of Priyanka Chopra Jonas when she removed a Mother’s Day tribute from her Instagram page that depicted a young girl, not her daughter Malti Marie, leaving her admirers seeking answers about the child’s identity. (See also: Priyanka Chopra Shares Post Praising Nick Jonas’ Work Ethic As He Embarks On ‘Power Ballad’ Film Project)

A mishap occurred on Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram on Sunday.

The Recent Commotion

Prior to presenting her Instagram followers with a heartfelt Mother’s Day post, there are several claims amongst Reddit users that she initially posted a tribute to a little girl, calling her ‘the one who made her a mommy,’ alongside a photo of the child in an off-white outfit.

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The deleted post
The post that was deleted

The image was quickly erased from her profile, but not before it was captured and began circulating around the internet.

The Public’s Reaction

This now-absent post has caused a stir, with some supporters questioning if the girl might be Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s child. Curious Reddit users have taken to discussion threads to inquire about the little girl’s identity.

“It seems likely that someone managing her social media meant to share this on their own profile and didn’t realize they were on PC’s account,” speculated one user. “Hang on… who is she and why is she being called her daughter?” questioned another.

Chalking it up to a blunder, one person wrote, “We shouldn’t presume that PC manages her social accounts directly… it looks like a staff mistake.”

While another ventured a guess, saying, “Don’t ignore visibility issues. She could have been without her glasses or contacts and posted what she believed was a picture of her daughter. Alternatively, someone from the PR team could be in trouble.”

One person found it strange, commenting, “Who’s this kid? It’s so odd. You don’t just post a random photo by accident, there are several steps involved.”

The original timing of the post remains uncertain based on the circulated screenshot. A response from Priyanka or her representatives on the matter is still awaited.

What Priyanka Ended up Sharing for Mother’s Day

Ultimately, Priyanka commemorated Mother’s Day with an assortment of family photographs from her time in Dublin. In her Instagram post, she honored both her mother, Madhu Chopra, and her mother-in-law, Denise Miller-Jonas. Included in the photos are Priyanka, her husband Nick Jonas, Madhu, Denise, and Malti.

Priyanka’s heartfelt caption paid tribute to all who have been nurtured by the love and support of a mother or motherly figures. She acknowledges her fortune in being influenced by her mother, grandmothers, and aunts. As a new mother herself, she reflects on her upbringing as she contemplates raising her daughter Malti Marie.

Nick Jonas joined in with his own family pictures and expressed his adoration for the many mothers in his life, praising his own, his wife, and his mother-in-law. Nick’s post celebrated their kindness and influence on his and his daughter’s life.

Priyanka and Nick, who wed in 2018, announced in January 2022 that they had welcomed a daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, via surrogacy. (Related: Five Times Malti Marie Stole the Spotlight on Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram: From Being Mom’s Workout Weight to Uttering ‘Ayodhya’)

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