Chandu Champion trailer: Kartik Aaryan undergoes personal and physical struggle in Kabir Khan film. Watch | Bollywood

With a lot of anticipation set by his first look, Kartik Aaryan has now let fans dive into his most challenging role with the release of the “Chandu Champion” trailer right from his birthplace in Gwalior, which is truly a knockout. (More on this: Chandu Champion’s latest poster shows a formidable Kartik Aaryan ready for the ring with boxing gloves on)

Kartik Aaryan in a scene from “Chandu Champion”.

On a hot Saturday, fans swarmed the Captain Roop Singh Cricket Stadium in Gwalior, eager to catch a glimpse of Kartik. The fervent crowd, equipped with cheers, whistles, chants, and fireworks, warmly welcomed the star they had awaited despite the scorching heat.

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Kartik Delivers a Stellar Performance in the Trailer

In this directorial piece by Kabir Khan, Kartik embodies a boxer, wrestler, and soldier, portraying Murlikant Petkar—the man who clinched India’s first Paralympic gold. The trailer showcases the onscreen and offscreen phases of Kartik’s life, including his impressive physical transformation to fit the role. “Chandu Champion” narrates the tale of a dreamer on a quest to attain gold for India in the Olympics, a journey that begins with his enlistment in the army.

The gripping trailer begins with the character Chandu, portrayed by Kartik, awakening from a two-year coma in 1967, a consequence of wartime injuries. The story takes viewers through his emotional odyssey, from his youthful aspirations announced in a classroom, enduring mockery from his peers, to finally battling to shed the derisive moniker ‘Chandu Champion’ that they affixed to him.

A myriad of poignant scenes, paired with grand cinematic visuals, drive the trailer forward.

The Pursuit of Resilience

True to the film’s spirit of unwavering perseverance, Kartik debuted the film’s trailer shortly after mourning the passing of his relatives, victims of a devastating hoarding collapse in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

Among those who lost their lives were Kartik’s relatives, Manoj Chansoria and Anita Chansoria. Yet, amidst personal tragedy, Kartik stood alongside director Kabir Khan and producer Sajid Nadiadwala at the trailer unveiling. When questioned about his feelings returning to his roots, he expressed, “To debut the most demanding film of my career in the place of my acting dreams is absolutely meaningful to me.”

Addressing his emotional state, he shared with the crowd, “There’s a whirlwind in my life right now, but the show must go on. It’s a blessing that you’ve all gathered here for our film’s trailer launch.”

The announcement of “Chandu Champion” followed the acclaim of 2021’s “83,” another real-life portrayal by Kabir Khan, this one of the historic cricket World Cup victory in 1983. “Chandu Champion” too is rooted in reality, chronicling the life of Murlikant Petkar and his road to Paralympic glory at the 1972 Games in Germany.

Kabir previously shared a poster of the film, praising Kartik’s dedication, “Kartik’s journey to embody this champion is as motivational as the true story of ‘Chandu Champion’. I encountered him during a weight gain for a previous role. He had to slim down to represent a world-class multisport athlete. He accepted the challenge with a simple smile, ‘I will do it, Sir’. A year and half later, and with a determination to avoid steroids, we captured him on set, his body fat at a striking 7%. I’m proud of you.”

The film, a collaborative effort by Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan, is set to premiere on the silver screen on June 14.

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