Book on V.D. Savarkar | The Hindu nationalist

An insightful new book joins the ranks of existing literature, which ranges from neutral analysis to fervent praise, about the contentious character V.D. Savarkar. The work by Janaki Bakhle distinguishes itself through its academic approach and reliance on primary sources, driven by her fundamental critique of Savarkar’s ideological stance. The book offers an exhaustive exploration of his multifaceted role as a political and social thinker, reviewing his complete body of work written in both Marathi – including numerous poems – and English. These writings encompass literary works, historical narratives, societal critiques, and notably, his political rhetoric and contentious views against Muslims. Bakhle aims to integrate the Marathi and English materials to spark a dialogue between them, highlighting how Savarkar’s various personas—as a lyricist, a chronicler, a societal challenger, and a divisive propagandist—are interwoven.

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