All We Imagine as Light’s Payal Kapadia says ‘don’t wait 30 years to have another Indian film’ after winning Grand Prix | Bollywood

Trailblazing her way into the annals of film history, Payal Kapadia has become the first Indian to clinch the Grand Prix at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for her work on ‘All We Imagine as Light’. In her heartfelt thank-you address, Kapadia acknowledged the hard work of her fellow women, emphasizing the significance of friendship and the prevalent culture of rivalry among women. (Also Read | Kiara Advani, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shekhar Kapur rally behind ‘All We Imagine as Light’ for its Grand Prix accomplishment: A Touchstone Achievement)

Payal Kapadia alongside her film’s stars Kani Kusruti, Chhaya Kadam, and Divya Prabha following their victory.

Gratitude Extended to Cannes Jury and Cast

Taking the stage with the stellar cast of ‘All We Imagine as Light’, Kani Kusruti, Divya Prabha, and Chhaya Kadam, Kapadia expressed her deep appreciation to the jury, “Being selected for competition was a dream; winning is surreal. So, heartfelt thanks.” She lauded her team, Kani, Divya, and Chhaya, affirming that the film’s realization was intertwined with their collective effort, marking the sentiment with an embrace.

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Reflections on ‘All We Imagine as Light’

With an air of humility, Kapadia spoke, “Feeling the jitters, I prepared a note. A cordial thank you to Cannes for showcasing our narrative. Please don’t let decades pass before an Indian film graces this stage again.” She expressed her gratitude to the producers, crew, and partners. Kapadia also used this opportunity to commend the festival staff who voiced their demands for fair wages on opening night.

Shed for light on the film’s essence, she remarked, “This storytelling centers around the camaraderie of three women, often subject to the societal trend of competition amongst them. This is regrettably the societal construct we’re faced with. Yet, I hold friendship in high regard because it paves the way for unity, inclusion, and compassion. These are the tenets we ought to consistently reach for.”

Insights into ‘All We Imagine as Light’

The film had its moment under the Cannes limelight on a Thursday evening, making history as the first Indian film in three decades and the inaugural one from an Indian female filmmaker to make it to the festival’s main slate. The last from India to achieve this was Shaji N Karun’s ‘Swaham’ in 1994. The Grand Prix was bestowed upon Kapadia by the illustrious Viola Davis.

‘All We Imagine as Light’, a cinematic piece in Malayalam-Hindi, unfolds the tale of Prabha, a nurse, and the turmoil that envelops her life following a surprising package from her long-gone husband. Her young roommate, Anu, grapples with finding solitude in the vast city to be with her love. Their journey takes them on a road trip to a coastal town, where a magical forest beckons the fulfillment of their innermost yearnings, as per the storyline.

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