Alia Bhatt shows support for Deepika Padukone amid trolling around her baby bump | Bollywood

The acclaimed actress Deepika Padukone recently has been the target of online negativity following a public appearance showcasing her pregnancy. A few people on social networking platforms questioned the authenticity of her pregnancy, suggesting that her baby bump appeared unnatural. Amid these circumstances, fellow actress Alia Bhatt has extended her support to Padukone, choosing to stand by her colleague amidst the unwarranted criticism. (Related read: A visual feast: Deepika Padukone and 10 other Bollywood leading ladies who radiate maternity elegance)

Deepika Padukone proudly displayed her baby bump during a recent appearance in Mumbai, inspiring many.

Deepika recently embraced her pregnancy publicly for the first time while casting her vote in Mumbai’s Lok Sabha Election 2024, accompanied by her spouse, actor Ranveer Singh. Soon after, images from the event became a hot topic online, with some individuals engaging in body shaming.

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Alia’s Response to the Negative Noise

Amidst the online discourse, comments surfaced with one user posting, “She’s not really pregnant. This is shameful,” and another adding, “Why does she walk like that, her bump isn’t that pronounced yet.” Fortunately, not all reactions were negative.

Amid rising voices from online trolls, Faye D’Souza, a respected journalist, took to her social media to voice support for Padukone.

In a thought-provoking Instagram post, D’Souza exclaimed, “Kindly note, social media audience, Deepika Padukone stepped out to fulfill her civic role and vote. She didn’t seek out your judgment on her physique or her pregnancy status. Refrain from making personal comments. It’s high time to act with decorum.”

The post garnered attention from various celebrities, including Alia Bhatt, who promptly showed her accord by liking it. Alia’s family members Pooja Bhatt, Shaheen Bhatt, and Soni Razdan also expressed their support through likes. Other celebrities like Shruti Seth and Tina Datta chimed in with words of encouragement for Deepika.

Deepika’s Admirers Rally Around Her

While Padukone faced scrutiny from some online detractors, her dedicated fans and supporters have stepped up to defend her. Several commended Alia for her expression of solidarity and compassion. One admirer commented on the energy of empathy Alia has, given her own experiences with public speculation during her pregnancy.

Another reflected, “Being supportive is crucial during these private times. Indulging in such personal matters is deplorable. We’re hoping for nothing but joy and health for the soon-to-be mother, father, and child during this significant chapter of their lives.”

Deepika and her husband Ranveer are joyously anticipating the arrival of their first child, with the due date set for September 2024.

Alia Bhatt’s Personal Brush With Online Trolls

In 2022, Alia herself faced the harsh glare of social media scrutiny soon after announcing her own pregnancy in a heartfelt Instagram post, which included a playful emoji overlay on an ultrasound image and a snapshot of her husband Ranbir Kapoor.

When a media outlet posted gossip suggesting that Alia’s professional commitments were being delayed due to her condition and that Ranbir might travel to the UK to ‘bring her home,’ Alia forcefully responded. She wrote back, clarifying that her schedule was unaffected, and emphatically stated she was an independent woman, not an object to be transported. Alia’s response was a powerful stance against outdated, patriarchal assumptions. “I am a woman, not a parcel. I don’t need to rest—just for the record. But it’s interesting to note that you seem to believe you’ve earned some medical qualification. Remember, this is 2022. Can we please evolve beyond these ancient perspectives? Excuse me now, I must return to set,” she stated defiantly.

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