Alaya F recalls being fat and skinny-shamed: ‘There’s literally no end to it’ | Bollywood

Alaya F is known for her candid opinions on the film industry and societal issues. The Bollywood actress recently shared her personal struggles with body shaming from a young age in a conversation with India Today. Alaya mentioned how she faced criticism about her weight, enduring both fat-shaming and skinny-shaming insults at different times in her life. (Also read: Alaya F discusses her familial bond and being close to her stepmother at her father’s remarriage celebration)

Actress Alaya F openly talks about her experiences with body shaming and its impact on her. (Photo: Instagram)

Alaya F on dealing with body shaming

In her recollection of past judgments on her looks, Alaya remarked, “Our industry is indeed highly competitive, and looks often come under scrutiny. It’s true that we can be plagued by insecurities regarding our physical appearance. Despite this, we must recognize that we are more than our looks. For instance, this is a theme reflected in my role in ‘Bade Miyaan Chote Miyaan’. Additionally, from a personal standpoint, I didn’t always look the way I do now. As a child, I was heavier and frequently encountered fat-shaming.”

She added, “Now, after embracing self-care and regular exercise leading to weight loss, I find myself in a different but similar predicament – people skinny-shaming me. It appears that there’s no satisfying everyone, as I’ve been at the receiving end of shaming for being both overweight and underweight.”

Alaya F speaks of challenges faced by women in cinema

In earlier dialogue with Puja Talwar, Alaya reflected on some ‘awful’ experiences while working in films. She highlighted, “The treatment of men and women is starkly different within the industry. Although I’ve had the chance to work on great film sets, I’ve also encountered less positive environments. There’s significant progress to be made towards achieving gender equality. I, along with many of my female co-stars, have faced numerous challenges on this front.”

Getting to know Alaya F

Alaya burst onto the film scene with her debut in ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ alongside Saif Ali Khan. She has since appeared in a lineup of films, like ‘Freddy’, ‘Always Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat’, ‘U-Turn’, and ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’. A member of Bollywood royalty, she is the granddaughter of Kabir Bedi and the daughter of actress Pooja Bedi and businessman Farhan Furniturewala.

Alaya was also featured in the recent Rajkummar Rao film ‘Srikanth’.


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