Akshay Kumar reveals Asin’s husband Rahul Sharma loves her madly and treats her like a ‘goddess’ | Bollywood

Film icon Akshay Kumar has played matchmaker in his ‘Khiladi 786’ colleague Asin’s romantic tale with her entrepreneurial husband Rahul Sharma. Rahul has admitted Akshay was the first visitor to celebrate the birth of Asin’s baby girl in 2017. (Also read: Asin and Rahul Sharma’s wedding celebration, with Akshay Kumar playing a pivotal role)

Renowned Actor Akshay Kumar holds a special connection with his ‘Khiladi 786’ co-actor Asin’s partner, Rahul Sharma.

Akshay expresses immense admiration for the couple’s relationship, stating that Rahul’s affection for Asin is nothing short of passionate.

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Akshay’s heartfelt revelations came to light on the show ‘Dhawan Karenge’ hosted by Shikhar Dhawan, where a touching video message from Rahul to Akshay prompted an emotional response.

Their Special Connection

Their connection began when Akshay, acting as a love envoy, introduced Asin to his associate Rahul, which blossomed into marriage. Asin and Rahul sealed their union in 2016 and were blessed with their daughter Arin in 2017.

In a heartfelt video, Rahul recounts how Akshay stood by him, ensuring that a plane was on standby for the birth of his daughter. “He was vigilantly waiting for the news, and when I informed him, he was the first to rush in even before my own family,” Rahul recalls, emphasizing the unforgettable memory and the deep-rooted strength he derives from Akshay’s support.

Rahul openly professes that it’s the moral support from Akshay that gives him the courage to tackle life’s significant challenges.

Insight from Akshay

Moved by Rahul’s sentiments, Akshay praised him as a remarkable individual and offered insights into the couple’s loving dynamic.

“Rahul cherishes his wife and child to an extraordinary extent, revering Asin like a deity. Our friendship is profound, and even after periods of silence, we simply pick up right where we left off,” Akshay revealed.

Rumored Divorce of Asin and Rahul

Speculations of a potential divorce between Asin and Rahul circled last year following Asin’s deletion of numerous photos with Rahul from her Instagram, except one. This led to the removal of their wedding imagery from her social media accounts.

However, an insider assured HT that these rumors couldn’t be further from the truth, pointing out that the couple enjoys a loving and grounded relationship, focused on staying out of the limelight and avoiding unnecessary drama. With a holiday spent together amid the gossip, both Asin and Rahul seem unaffected and light-hearted about the false claims.

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