5 Sidhu Moosewala tracks that keep the departed artist alive in our hearts even today

Before he joined the Indian National Congress and ventured into the realm of politics, Sidhu Moosewala charmed the country with his musical talent. He was genuinely an icon and his passing, mere days before his 29th birthday, left countless hearts shattered. Today, on his birth anniversary, let’s honor the man who made us adore his melodies and reflective lyrics. Here are Sidhu’s top 5 chart-topping hits to remember him by:

Sidhu Moosewala in a still from The Last Ride

The Last Ride (2022)Just a few weeks prior to his untimely departure, Sidhu launched this single. In it, he paid tribute to Tupac Shakur who was also slain at a young age. The track gained recognition after Sidhu’s demise as many fans believe the late musician predicted his unfortunate fate with The Last Ride Date mein Crickit, late mein Crickit! Catch the game anytime, anywhere on Crickit. Discover how   295 (2021)After his passing, numerous fans highlighted the oddity of this track’s title matching the date on which Sidhu was killed— 29/5. One of his most beloved and popular tracks, 295 was the late artist’s take on Section 295 of the Indian Penal Code, which penalizes the destruction or desecration of a place of worship or sacred object with the intention to insult a religion. Recently Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi mentioned this very track when questioned about the expected seats for his party in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections   Legend (2019)Sidhu has solidified his status as a legend in the Indian music scene. How could he not have a track about it? Even today, you’ll find numerous comments from fans online who believe that Sidhu was, is, and will always be a legend timelessly   Dhakka (2019)Sidhu teamed up with fellow musician Afsana Khan for this song. The music video depicted him involved in student council elections. Even after all this time, you’ll spot recent comments under this music video with fans praising it as a ‘masterpiece’ Same Beef (2019)Another classic track! This creative piece was a passionate collaboration between Sidhu and Bohemia. While some feel the song celebrates lasting friendships, others suggest it addresses grievances against certain individuals known to the artists   In his 6-year career as a musician, Sidhu gifted his fans numerous gems including these 5. Through these beautiful songs, he continues to live on in our hearts.

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