Will jury convict Is Donald Trump in hush money trial as it ends?

Donald Trump‘s hush money trial is reaching its conclusion as both sides deliver closing arguments. — Reuters

Donald Trump, the former US president, is approaching the end of his hush money trial on Thursday, with both parties getting ready for their final statements; nevertheless, convicting the presumptive Republican nominee might present a challenge.The business magnate faced his first indictment in this case in March 2023. Prosecutors claimed that Trump falsified business records to disburse $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about her sexual encounter with the 77-year-old in 2006. The payment was handled by then-Trump’s lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, who testified weeks ago in a New York City court. According to a report Monday, lawyer Colleen Kerwick speculated that at least “one juror will refuse to convict Trump, leading to a hung jury, and a mistrial will occur”.Prosecutors aim to demonstrate that Donald Trump paid or deliberated about paying two women — Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal — before the 2016 elections, to ensure their silence. The team investigating Trump also argues that the payment to Daniels was not a legitimate campaign contribution, as it was intended to silence Daniels and ultimately influence the conditions in the 2016 presidential elections.Kerwick conveyed that Cohen admitted to the jury about embezzling from Trump and concealing it with falsified records, adding that some jurors might believe Cohen acted independently in creating the fake records to cover up the hush money payments to Daniels. Kerwick noted that it is not a crime to pay someone for their silence, which is a crucial consideration for the jury.

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