Why does Saudi Arabia need ‘silent airport’?

The start of Saudi Arabia’s first silent airport era. — Gulf News

On your next visit to Saudi Arabia’s Abha International Airport, be vigilant to avoid missing your flight due to the newfound hush.

This week, the nation revealed its plans to convert this hub into its inaugural ‘silent airport,’ as stated in the Saudi Gazette.

What this means is that commonplace announcements regarding departures, boarding, or final calls for passengers will become a thing of the past.

The Driving Forces Behind Saudi Arabia’s Adoption of a Silent Airport

The goal of this new endeavor is to establish an oasis of tranquility, in line with elite international standards already in place at numerous airports globally.

Why does Saudi Arabia need silent airport?
Saudi Arabia launches its premiere soundless airport. — Scene Now

The establishment confirmed that similar strategies have been successfully deployed at several prestigious terminals such as Singapore’s Changi International Airport, Zurich International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Amsterdam International Airport, and London City International Airport.

The airport’s governing body expressed intentions to start withdrawing verbal flight information announcements during passenger boarding phases.

Instead, passengers will be kept informed via meticulous updations on flight display monitors and boarding gate screens before the commencement of passenger boarding.

Moreover, an informational drive will be launched to acquaint travelers with the new silent airport concept, emphasizing the nonexistence of public address announcements.

According to officials, the traditional public address system will be reserved solely for critical scenarios such as flight alterations or emergencies that necessitate direct passenger communication.

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