Warnings of heavy rain across UK after hottest day of year | UK weather

Alerts for significant rainfall are in place throughout the UK following the warmest day recorded this year.

The mercury soared to a sweltering 26.5C (79.7F) by Sunday, yet the Met Office forecasts that the recent spell of heat and sunshine might conclude as early as Monday morning.

The peak temperature on Sunday surpassed the high for the year previously set on Saturday, reaching 25.9C, with reports indicating that Heathrow in London experienced the most intense heat that afternoon.

A multitude of visitors swarmed to Brighton beach on Sunday, seizing the opportunity to bask in the sunshine. City centre parking spaces were in full demand, with wait times reaching between 10 to 15 minutes.

The Met Office has released new alerts for potential downpours that could affect Scotland, Wales, and Northern England. Meanwhile, three yellow warnings for potential thunderstorms are still in effect.

Expectations are for thunderous showers to subside in most places except eastern Scotland through the night, while the south and east of England may enjoy some late sunshine in the evening.

Eastern parts of Northern Ireland are also bracing for heavy rainfall come Monday, with a weather advisory active from midday until the early morning of Tuesday at 6am.

Flood warnings have been released for England and Scotland. In regions of the southwest, such as Cornwall and Exeter, periods of intense rain forecasted for Monday, from 8 am to midnight, are likely to disrupt travel and possibly cause flooding.

A similar advisory applies to southern Wales for Monday, with robust rainfall predicted in places including Swansea and Cardiff.

Residents in the rain-warning areas have been advised by the Met Office to anticipate potential public transport challenges and prepare for a chance of power supply disruptions.

As for thunderstorms, the western regions of the UK, encompassing much of Wales, are on alert for Sunday. Additional storm warnings are in place for extreme weather in the western districts of Northern Ireland and parts of western Scotland as we move into Monday.

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