Tyson Fury’s dad appears to headbutt member of Oleksandr Usyk’s entourage at media day fracas | World News

During a turbulent encounter at a press gathering, John Fury, father of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, reportedly lunged at a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s camp with a headbutt, which ended in a bloodied face for the elder Fury.

The exchange took a chaotic turn in a Riyadh hotel where the media assembled, leading to intervention from security as they attempted to separate the warring sides.

The fray, which occurred before the much-awaited match scheduled on the 18th of May, saw John Fury aggressively confronting Usyk’s associate with a seeming headbutt.

John Fury was left with a pronounced gash on his forehead and efforts to stem the bleeding were insufficient as he attempted to staunch the flow with his hand. His repeated outbursts necessitated restraint while those in Usyk’s corner rallied with chants for their fighter.

A confrontation erupted at a hotel during press day. Pic: PA

Upon reuniting with his father post-altercation while engaged in a separate media discussion, Tyson Fury inquired about the origins of the injury, clearly oblivious to the earlier commotion.

This incident further fuels the buildup to the historic bout, with both heavyweights set to step into the ring at the Kingdom Arena in Saudi Arabia.

The upcoming bout stands to mint the first undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis in the year 2000, marking a historic milestone in the four-belt era. Lewis had previously unified the WBA and IBF championships by conquering Evander Holyfield in 1999.

Anticipating the fight fervently, Fury shared his excitement about boxing in Saudi Arabia and expressed his eagerness for the week ahead which symbolizes a long-awaited culmination of efforts. He also added how he feels invigorated by the monumental event and can hardly wait.

Securing the matchup with Usyk, who took home the WBA, IBF and WBO titles with a victory over Anthony Joshua and maintained his hold over them in a subsequent rematch, was an arduous journey that faced multiple collapses before reaching an accord in September. While initially slated for the 17th of February, an injury to Fury postponed the clash.

Usyk now stares down a week filled with more promotional fervor and psychological tactics bound to be employed. Yet, the former undisputed cruiserweight champion remains undeterred, expressing his readiness and tranquil focus on the May 18th showdown, paying no mind to his opponent’s traditional pre-match antics.

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