Travellers! Beware of world’s top 10 bumpiest flight paths

Which flight corridors globally endure the most turbulence? — Unsplash

In the prior week, turbulence encountered mid-flight became lethal for two distinct planes on two separate occasions, resulting in the fatality of one traveller and more than 100 casualties.Geoff Kitchen, a British holidaymaker, succumbed to his injuries during turbulence, as he embarked on a six-week vacation to Singapore from London with his spouse last Tuesday.The Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 descended 6,000 feet in just five minutes, with 140 passengers and crew members on board, the majority of whom sustained injuries and required hospitalization following an emergency landing in Bangkok. Subsequently, 12 individuals were wounded onboard a Qatar Airlines flight from Doha to Dublin on Sunday after the aircraft encountered turbulence while flying over Turkey.In the wake of these events, specialists have revealed the 10 most turbulent corridors worldwide, with neither of these incidents appearing in the list below.They analyzed data from countless long-distance flights conducted in 2023, determining the routes by estimating eddy dissipation rates (EDR), which are assessed by studying turbulent air currents on aircraft.Here’s the comprehensive list of the world’s bumpiest flights:Santiago (SCL) – Santa Cruz (VVI)Almaty (ALA) – Bishkek (FRU) Lanzhou (LHW) – Chengdu (CTU) Centrair (NGO) – Sendai (SDJ) Milan (MXP) – Geneva (GVA) Lanzhou (LHW) – Xianyang (XIY) Osaka (KIX) – Sendai (SDJ) Xianyang (XIY) – Chengdu (CTU) Xianyang (XIY) – Chongqing (CKG) Milan (MXP) – Zurich (ZRH)

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