Tornadoes leave trail of death and destruction across parts of US | US News

Destructive storms have claimed at least 15 lives and caused significant damage across various central United States locales.

Northern Texas experienced a tornado near the Oklahoma boundary on Saturday evening, resulting in fatalities of at least seven individuals.

According to Cooke County sheriff Ray Sappington, a two-year-old and a five-year-old are among the deceased, with numerous injuries also being reported.

He described the intense damage to the numerous mobile homes in the vicinity, noting a swath of sheer destruction ranging a quarter-mile in width and spanning three to four miles.

“What’s left behind is a swath of wreckage. The damage is extensive,” Sheriff Sappington expressed.

Additional fatalities occurred in Oklahoma due to storms that leveled homes and injured attendees at an open-air wedding, and in Arkansas, a 26-year-old woman was among the five people who perished. In Kentucky‘s city of Louisville, a man lost his life when a tree toppled over him on Sunday.

The small township of Valley View, located in Cooke County and home to nearly 800 residents, was among the locales experiencing the most severe impact.

Kevin Dorantes, 20, recounted encountering a father and his son pinned beneath debris, with community members working together to rescue them.

“They were alert but badly wounded,” he said. “The father had a broken leg.”

According to Dorantes, they carried the father on a mattress to a vehicle, and both the father and his son were then transported to a waiting ambulance.

Juana Landeros retrieves a cherished Guadalupe Virgin statue from the ruins of her house. Pic: AP

Debris scattered over a property in Valley View, Texas. Pic: ABC Affiliate WFAA via Reuters
Debris scattered across a property in Valley View, Texas. Pic: ABC Affiliate WFAA via Reuters

Hugo Parra described taking shelter with about 40 to 50 other individuals in the restroom of a truck stop in Valley View as the storm ripped the building apart, warping steel beams, destroying vehicles in the parking lot, and trying to pull them from the safe room.

“The wind was trying to snatch us out of the restrooms,” Parra explained.

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With daylight on Sunday, the extent of damage became increasingly evident. Aerial footage disclosed scores of affected residences, some devoid of rooftops, others utterly demolished, as the populace awakened to capsized automobiles and fallen garages.

By Sunday, power cuts afflicted hundreds of thousands across large regions, including Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas, according to

Meanwhile, adverse weather in Indiana caused a delay in the commencement of the renowned Indy 500 automobile race.

More severe weather is forecasted in parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee, with alerts from the National Weather Service about possible destructive winds, sizeable hail, and additional tornadoes.

Tornado activity has been particularly robust in April and May, notably in the Midwest. Last week, Iowa grappled with a lethal tornado that caused significant damage in Greenfield.

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