The walls are closing in on Benjamin Netanyahu as US largely silent after deadly strike on Rafah | World News

There have been numerous possible turning points in this conflict, and each time Israel has resolutely stayed on its chosen course: to obliterate Hamas. The fatal attack in Rafah on Sunday night feels like another of those moments and could well be the instance where Benjamin Netanyahu is compelled to alter his approach.
The White House has yet to provide a complete statement, but Joe Biden had been openly against a significant Israeli offensive within Rafah – this likely confirms their apprehensions. IsraelGaza latest: Follow live updates. That stance is expected to strengthen if it’s discovered US-supplied arms were utilized.
This strike occurred shortly after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) mandated a stop to operations in Rafah and less than a week following the International Criminal Court issuing warrants for Mr Netanyahu and Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant‘s apprehensions.

Benjamin Netanyahu remains resolute but is swiftly losing allies, Alistair Bunkall notes. File pic: AP

It is presumed the UN Security Council will convene this week to deliberate the ICJ ruling – what the US will decide to do is still uncertain. Israel will anticipate and expect support as usual, but this would undermine global law and risk Mr Biden being labeled a hypocrite after he strongly endorsed a similar ruling against Russia in 2022. European nations have largely voiced strong opposition against IsraelPresident Emmanuel Macron expressed being “outraged,” the Italian government declared the fighting must cease, and the European Union is beginning to consider previously unimaginable measures: sanctions.

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ICJ orders Israel to halt Rafah offensive

That path, if pursued, would negatively impact Israel far more than Europe. Under the EU-Israel Association Agreement, the two parties trade goods worth €47bn (£39bn) annually. Though the EU is Israel‘s largest trading partner, Israel accounts for less than 1% of the EU‘s total commerce. Learn more: Bodies of three Israeli captives found. Ireland among EU nations to acknowledge Palestine state. Sir Keir Starmer stated he would instruct Mr Netanyahu to stop fighting, if he were currently prime minister. The current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has yet to make a statement. However, there is a prevailing sense that the walls are closing in on Mr Netanyahu and his government, that allies are withdrawing support from Israel, and that international entities are building momentum. The Israeli prime minister remains unyielding, but he is rapidly losing allies.

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