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During their visit to Nigeria, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan stopped by a local volleyball court for some interactive sporting fun.

While in Abuja, Prince Harry delighted onlookers by participating in a friendly match of sitting volleyball alongside Nigerian sports talents.

Alongside the exciting game, Meghan captured the moment by snapping photographs with the enthusiastic youngsters who came to witness royal participation.

Pic: AP

Latterly, the royal couple will engage in discussions with wounded service members and their kin. Meghan will also be co-facilitating a leadership seminar with World Trade Organization’s Director General Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

The pair are in Nigeria as guests of the country’s defence chief and to support the Invictus Games, which host athletic competitions for disabled and ailing veterans as well as currently serving military members.

Upon the commencement of their Nigerian journey, Harry emphasized the importance of mental health, noting to students the absence of “shame” in discussing such issues.

“Many are reluctant to talk about mental health because it isn’t tangible,” he told them. “It’s a hidden malady of the mind, not a noticeable broken limb.”

“Everyone has mental health, whether young or old. It’s essential to take care of your well-being so you can also care for others,” Harry imparted to the group.

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The pair’s engagement continued to be marked by jubilation, with live performances by dancers and vocalists, during a meeting at a summit on mental health in an Abuja school. Additionally, Prince Harry commemorated the 10-year mark of the Invictus Games in St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

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