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Eight people have been admitted to the hospital due to turbulence during a flight heading to Dublin. Dublin Airport stated that six passengers and six crew members on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin were injured after facing turbulence while over Turkey.
In an updated statement, the airport mentioned that all travelers were evaluated for injuries before disembarking the airplane, and eight were transported to the hospital. Graeme McQueen, a spokesperson for DAA, the entity managing Dublin Airport, mentioned that emergency services were present upon the plane’s arrival shortly before 1pm on Sunday.

Qatar Airways described the injuries sustained by passengers and crew as “minor”. It said: “[They] are now undergoing medical care… The well-being and safety of our passengers and crew remain our foremost concern.” An internal probe into what transpired has now been initiated. Read more: Is flight turbulence increasing – and what types exist? Climate change causing heightened turbulence – researchers Earlier this week, in an unrelated event, a British national passed away on a Singapore Airlines flight after severe turbulence on a journey from Heathrow to Singapore.

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Singapore Airlines passenger Josh Silverstone recounts experience

Turbulence is characterized as an abrupt shift in airflow and wind speed. It is often linked with thunderstorm clouds, which are usually well-forecasted and monitored, allowing aircraft to navigate around them, said Jo Robinson, Sky News weather producer. Clear-air turbulence (CAT) poses greater danger as it lacks visual indicators such as clouds.

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This undetectable vertical air motion often happens at and above 15,000ft and is mostly associated with the jet stream. It remains unclear what type of turbulence the Qatar Airways flight encountered.

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