Papua New Guinea landslide kills over 2,000 in remote village

Tremendous landslide in Papua New Guinea takes numerous lives. — AFP/File

A colossal landslide in Papua New Guinea is feared to have entombed over 2,000 individuals alive in an isolated highland community, the African nation’s authorities announced on Monday. The Papua New Guinea government has appealed for global assistance in the rescue endeavor after a mountainside settlement in Enga province was nearly obliterated as part of Mount Mungalo gave way during the early hours of last Friday. The fatal landslide engulfed numerous homes along with their sleeping inhabitants.”The landslide buried over 2,000 individuals alive and caused significant destruction to structures, agricultural plots, and severely impacted the economic lifeline of the nation,” Papua New Guinea‘s national disaster center mentioned in a communiqué to the United Nations, AFP relayed. As per the communiqué, the primary highway to the major Porgera gold mine was “totally obstructed”.

Papua New Guinea landslide kills over 2,000 in remote village
 UN to conduct virtual emergency gathering with foreign administrations concerning Papua New Guinea landslide. — Reuters/File

The landslip continued to “gradually shift, posing ongoing risk to both the rescue personnel and survivors as well”, the disaster center indicated. The magnitude of the disaster necessitated “immediate and concerted actions from all stakeholders”, it noted, including the military and national as well as provincial response teams. The center additionally requested the UN to notify Papua New Guinea‘s development allies “and other international friends” about the emergency. Meanwhile, the UN is slated to conduct an online crisis meeting with foreign administrations early Tuesday. They aim to coordinate a relief operation complicated by the remoteness of the area and the disrupted road connection along with ongoing local conflicts.

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