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Following an unfortunate accident involving a metal water bottle, tennis icon Novak Djokovic has stated that he will seek medical examination while also dealing with an unexpected defeat at the Italian Open.

Describing his condition during Sunday’s match, Djokovic expressed, “I was unrecognizable on court. No harmony, no consistency, no poise—every stroke felt off.”

“It’s slightly alarming,” he confessed.

Djokovic, bestowed with 24 grand slam titles, faced an unexpected defeat in the third round in Rome at the hands of Chile’s Alejandro Tabilo, aged 26. Tabilo secured the victory with a 6-2, 6-3 scoreline in a swift 67 minutes. It was one of the less stellar performances by the Serbian ace at a tournament he has often dominated.

Djokovic’s Unfortunate Encounter with a Water Bottle

The 36-year-old was at an autograph-signing event following a prior victory when he was unexpectedly hit by a bottle that slipped out of a fan’s bag, resulting in him falling to the ground.

Shedding light on the mishap, Djokovic said, “It took me by surprise. I didn’t even look up when it happened. I was hit quite hard in the head, leading to nausea, vertigo, bleeding, and various other symptoms for about half an hour to an hour.

“Despite managing to sleep with an ice pack and having some headaches, I figured I should probably get it checked out. So that’s my next step,” he explained.

Djokovic had previously been nearly unbeatable against non-top 10 players at the Italian Open and had consistently reached at least the quarter-finals. But this time, his tally was a meager 14 winners, accompanied by 12 unforced errors, five double faults, and no opportunities for a service break.

Victorious Moment for Alejandro Tabilo. Image Credit: Reuters

Tabilo, who held the 29th seed, shared his own thoughts on the victory: “I tried to keep my composure, just keep on swinging. It’s surreal. I was trying to ignore the mounting pressure point by point. It’s unbelievable what’s just transpired.”

Post-accident, Djokovic needed a moment to recover and was assisted by security to the locker room. The event’s medical team checked him, although he skipped the customary press conference following the match.

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However, Djokovic shared an update on X on Friday ensuring fans he was recuperating: “I am doing alright and resting at the hotel with a cold compress. Thank you for your concerns,” he shared.

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