More than 10,000 migrants arrive in UK by crossing Channel in small boats this year | UK News

This year has witnessed the arrival of over 10,000 migrants in the UK, who have braved the journey across the Channel in diminutive crafts.

Setting a new precedent for early-year crossings, the tally has surged past the 9,326 mark recorded at the same juncture of 2022, and stands well above the 7,326 figure by May 24th last year.

The threshold was crossed this Saturday following the entry of 288 individuals aboard five unassuming vessels the prior Friday, escalating the total to a startling five digits.

As per Sky News’ calculations, a cumulative count of 10,170 migrants have undertaken the perilous Channel voyage aboard these boats after Friday’s count.

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The most significant influx occurred on May 1st, with a record 711 arrivals. This coincided with the onset of the sea’s relative tranquility that often accompanies the season.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, has tethered his political destiny to his pledge of “halting the boats,” yet the recent surge highlights the ineffectiveness of the Rwanda relocation scheme as a deterrent.

This week, Mr. Sunak disclosed that pending the Conservatives’ victory in the general election, no deportation flights shall be dispatched to Rwanda, while Labour promises to eradicate the program entirely.

A statement from the Home Office spokesperson to Sky News read: “The unabating swell of individuals crossing the Channel underscores the urgency to initiate the Rwanda relocation program without delay.

“Our ongoing collaboration with the French police has intensified as they grapple with amplified aggression and disruptions while striving to thwart these perilous, illegitimate and needless attempts. In the preceding year, their efforts managed to halt the passage of 26,000 individuals.

“Strengthened by last year’s achievements that contributed to a reduction in arrivals by over one third, we are unwavering in our commitment to enact more stringent laws and forge international accords that will safeguard lives and stem the migration tide.”

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