Mexico: Nine dead – including a child – and 50 injured after stage collapses at presidential campaign rally | World News

A tragic event unfolded during a political rally in Mexico, where a stage collapse resulted in the death of nine individuals, one of whom was a child, and injuries to 50 others.

Social media was flooded with horrifying videos that captured the stage’s sudden breakdown during Jorge Alvarez Maynez’s presidential campaign gathering in Nuevo Leon, causing panic and chaos among the attendees.

Maynez, who is with the Citizens’ Movement party, received medical care in San Pedro Garza Garcia and reported that he was stable but would cease campaign activities for now. He emphasized that the focus should be on attending to those affected by the collapse.

“Attending to the victims of this tragedy is the current priority,” he noted on his social platform.

A video uploaded online showed Maynez acknowledging the crowd right before the collapse, with the audience chanting his name just before a large screen and metal scaffolding came crashing down near him, prompting him to flee the stage area immediately.

San Pedro’s Mayor Miguel Trevino confirmed that people were possibly caught under the debris.

The Governor of Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garcia, announced through social media the painful news that eight adults and a child lost their lives. He attributed the accident in part to strong winds during a campaign event and advised citizens to stay indoors due to severe thunderstorms around the region.

“I pray for strength for the families of the victims and those hurt. We stand by you,” he added.

Rescue efforts were underway as individuals were trapped under the fallen structure. Pic: Reuters

While Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is not in the running due to term limits, shared his heartfelt message, “a hug to the relatives, friends of the fallen, and their political allies.” Mexican presidents only serve a single six-year term without a chance for reelection.

Expressions of grief and solidarity came from every corner of Mexico, including messages from rival presidential candidates.

A Mexican Red Cross rescuer provides care to a young girl. Pic: Reuters
The rally resulted in approximately 50 attendees sustaining injuries. Pic: Reuters

Maynez, who is in third place in the polls behind front-runners Claudia Sheinbaum and Xochitl Galvez, faces the additional challenge of witnessing such a traumatic event on the campaign trail.

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Galvez extended her deepest sympathies to the victims’ families on her social channel and also showed support for her competitor, Mr. Maynez.

This election cycle has seen the alarming violence of political figures but has now, sadly, also seen deadly accidents at campaign events.

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