Meet Rory Gates, Bill Gates’s only son who caught eyes during rare appearance

Rory Gates, son of Bill Gates, was spotted at a prestigious event with his mother Melinda at the White House. — AFP/File

Bill Gates’s son, Rory, has been the subject of attention following his attendance at a White House State dinner, accompanied by his mother, Melinda French Gates. Rory, the only son of the Microsoft co-founder, made an appearance at the prestigious gathering honoring the leader of Kenya, President William Ruto and his spouse, Rachel Ruto. The occasion coincided with Rory’s 25th birthday, as reported by People.

Take a glimpse into the life of the young man who may one day helm the tech giant, Microsoft.

Rory Gates Spotlighted

Described as “thoughtful and inquisitive” by his mother Melinda, Rory maintains a life out of the public eye with his social media kept private. Known for his interest in brain teasers and maintaining a close bond with his mother, his low profile has been noted by the South China Morning Post.

Meet Rory Gates, Bill Gatess only son who caught eyes during rare appearance
Rory Gates, an alumnus of the University of Chicago as of 2022. — People

Rory was born and raised in Seattle, Washington within the expansive corners of the $150 million estate, Xanadu 2.0. He is the middle child, flanked by an older sister, Jennifer, and a younger sister, Phoebe.

His educational path has mirrored that of his parents, attending Seattle’s elite Lakeside School, followed by Duke University where he studied computer software engineering and economics, an homage to both his father’s and mother’s backgrounds.

An MBA holder from the Fuqua School of Business, Rory has been instilled with feminist values by his mother, who asserts that he’s open to discussing issues of gender equality.

Rory’s academic vigor was evident when he completed his education at the University of Chicago in 2022 with “a double major and a master’s” degree, all within a span of four years.

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